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Dog rescue bc

There are times when finding a new home for your dog is in the best interests of your furry friend. Dog owners who want to ensure their dog gets a loving home with responsible owners come to us for help. We are very selective about the quality of the homes into which we place our dogs.

Complete the Rehoming Application:

In order to help us find a new home for your dog, you must complete and submit the Rehoming Application.

Pictures of your dog: 

We will also need several good pictures, including full body shots and close ups of your dog's face looking into the camera. Please take pictures in bright natural lighting. Good pictures are essential for generating interest in your dog.


Foster homes:

As our foster homes are typically full, whenever possible, we ask that you care for your dog until he or she is adopted. This is much less stressful for the dog. In urgent situations, we will make every effort to take your dog into foster care.

No rehoming fee :

We do not charge a rehoming fee. Adopters will pay a fee for the dog which we keep to help support our vital rehoming and rescue work.


We gratefully accept donations for rehomings.

If your dog has serious behavioural issues:

We are not certified dog behaviourists, do not have a shelter and are not equipped to rehabilitate dogs who have serious behavioural issues such as severe aggression towards people or other dogs. If your dog has serious behaviour issues, we ask that you provide a written assessment from a certified trainer before we agree to rehome your dog.​

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