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Snoop **** ADOPTED ******

Snoop **** ADOPTED ******

This handsome fellow is Snoop Dog. He is an 18 month old, brindle Greyhound. Let me tell you a little about him…..

Snoops human has Snoops Mother too. He thinks she is a such a great dog that he decided she should have a litter of beautiful Greyhound puppies! And, she had 12 of them! Out of the 12 adorable pups in the litter there was only one Brindle. The owner fell in love with him and decided to keep him and name him Snoop!

Greyhounds have distinctive character traits. One, is their super speed and agility! They rank at the top of the list of speedy, athletic canines! You might think with that amazing speed they would be high strung and demanding but they are quite the opposite - they are often quiet, calm and docile. Another common characteristic is their deep devotion to their people. They form strong and very loyal bonds. They are also well-mannered and have very good behaviour. Sometimes, they are independent and somewhat reserved with people they don’t know. They sound rather perfect!!

Unfortunately, one day in the Spring, Snoop somehow got onto the road and was hit by a car. The driver just sped away with no concern for Snoop! His owner quickly rushed him to Boundary Bay Emergency Hospital where they performed surgery and repaired his leg. He is doing very well and will get a final check up soon to make sure everything is the way it should be!

Snoops owner realizes now that he has too many dogs to give them all what they need. To keep them safe and to help them have a better life he must part with some of them. So, Snoop is now looking for a new home where he will get the love and attention he deserves.

Plse get your applications in for this unique and lovely dog. Young Greyhounds like Snoop are not available very often.

As a bonus, he is good with children and with other dogs!

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