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Hera **** Adopted ****

Hera **** Adopted ****

Meet our delightful Standard Poodle, Hera!  This 3 year old female poodle is a spayed, vaccinated and very well cared for companion.  With a weight of 40 lbs she is a perfect size for both indoor and outdoor activities.  She thrives on affection and cherishes quiet moments at home but her energy and enthusiasm makes her the perfect choice for an active, loving family. 

Hera is in excellent health, ensuring that she can keep up with an active lifestyle.  Whether its long walks (her recall is excellent), playing fetch, or participating in agility training she is always ready for an adventure.  Not only is she physically fit but she also possesses the intelligence and trainability that poodles are known for.  Her quick wit and eagerness to please make her a joy to be with.

In addition to her mental and physical attributes, Hera is a loving and affectionate companion who thrives on human interaction.  She loves spending time with her family whether its inside cuddling on the couch or joining in outdoor family outings.  Hera just goes with the flow!   One of her favourite past times is snuggling up close and getting ear rubs.  She is as happy cuddling with her humans as she is catching a Frisbee. 

Hera loves everyone - all creatures (including humans) great and small!  She gets along with other dogs and cats and just ignores chickens!  She belongs to a dog walking group and enjoys the regular interactions with her pack-mates! -  She is quite the foodie at home and will counter surf if you leave her alone in the kitchen!  Well, no one is perfect!

Very sadly, Hera’s family must part with her.  Her human Dad has been in a serious accident resulting in many changes for the family.  Her Mom has had to take on a second job making life very complicated and difficult.  With no end in sight, the family has made the heartbreaking decision to look for another home for Hera.  She has been a very cherished family member.  Her family is looking for another family who will give Hera all the attention she is used to, and all the love she deserves.

 If you give Hera your love she will give you her whole heart!

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