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Hi, I’m Jersey! I’m a sweet-as-pie 5 year old, 50 lb, female lab/catahoula mix. I lived in the same home since I was a puppy, but when my owners’ new baby was diagnosed with acute asthma, they made a tough decision and I had to go. While I am a naturally gentle and loving girl, I have a sensitive and nervous temperament so would do best in a relaxed, calm home. But no matter how anxious I am I have never once behaved aggressively towards people. It just isn't in me to hurt anyone.
I’m very loving and I adore my family more than anything, so losing my home was very hard for me. I was very anxious when I first came into the care of HALDR. I panted and paced around my foster home quite a bit. But I have bonded very quickly to my foster mom and as each day passes I am getting more settled and relaxed. My new family will need to be patient and understanding as I work to get over my anxiety about being moved to another new home, but I have so much love to offer in return.

I have a medium energy level and love going for walks and chasing balls. But I am happiest and the most content just hanging out with you at home. I would do best with a family who won't leave me alone too long or can take me to work with them. I love to snuggle up to my foster mom on the couch, and I spend a large chunk of my day following my people around the house. I like to go out for walks as much as any other dog, but I’m not overly demanding— one long walk and maybe another short one would be enough to keep me satisfied (although who am I to complain if it were more?) since I burn a lot of energy just following you around the house and yard. For this reason, I wouldn't necessarily need a house with a yard, a small apartment with my outside breaks would be fine for me. For the most part, I’m happy just doing whatever my human is doing!

I find a great deal of comfort in routine. Unfamiliar places and people bring out my anxiety, because I spent so much of my life in the same place. When I walk down a familiar route or street I feel much more comfortable than when I find myself in an unfamiliar area. Cars also make me quite anxious, because of my deep-seated fear of the unknown. My anxiety can also lead me to bark at strange noises around the house like rustling in the wind, people coming in the door, and basically anything that I’m not used to and that scares me. 

I lived with young kids in my old home, and miss them a lot, so I would fit in great in a home with children. I’m also good in a home with another dog or a cat, but it might take me a few days to get comfortable with them. Even after a proper introduction, I may want to bark and growl at another dog in the home for the first two or three days, but after that I trust they aren't going to hurt me. I warm right up to them and will happily engage them in play.

I’ve been making great progress with encountering other dogs on leash during walks. I am much less afraid now and other than the occasional growl to show my protectiveness of my people, I am not behaving aggressively. I am also doing well off leash at dog parks. Every day I am getting a bit more relaxed and a bit less anxious. I will do best with an owner who is confident and relaxed so I can feel more that way as well.

I don’t mind being left alone for a few hours, as it helps me relax and gives me a chance to not have to worry about my ‘bodyguard’ duties. If you would like a very loving and super devoted dog who is good with everything, I am your girl. My foster mom sums me up the best when she says: “She is very very sweet and smart, a little stubborn, loyal and protective and once she settles into her place and routine she will make someone a wonderful best pal.”

I am crate trained, house trained, very healthy, spayed, tattooed and up to date on my vaccinations. My adoption fee is $300.


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