Featured Dog - DENVER



Hi all. My name is Denver. I am a very handsome, good natured and sociable 1 1/2 year old, 40 lb shepherd/lab mix. I was rescued last Sept from the rooftop of a college research centre in Taiwan. The school authorities banned the students from feeding me as they wanted me to die up there. I had neither food nor water for many days under the scorching sun. Thankfully, one of the students wrote an email to a local animal rescue for help. My rescuer had difficulty with the school authorities who unbelievably preferred that I die rather than be rescued. She persisted though and finally got to the roof. I was in very bad shape by then and too frightened to let her near me. Still she didn't give up and was able to sedate me. I was quickly taken to a vet who determined I was dangerously dehydrated and underweight. But that sad story is all behind me and I am fully recovered now as you can see from my videos.

I am so well recovered, physically and emotionally, that even my shyness with new people that I had just after my rescue is almost completely gone now. At a neighbour's BBQ I attended recently with my foster family I rolled over on my back so I could get belly rubs from perfect strangers. On the streets I love meeting new people and dogs, and let strangers pet my head. When I met my foster mom's young nieces, they gave me treats and they LOVED how gently I took them from their fingers. Then I took the snack to my bed so I wouldn't make a mess on the floor when I ate it. I also met a 6 month old baby and made him laugh when I grabbed a stuffed animal dog toy and was shook it by him. Then I lay down beside the baby and pushed the stuffy towards him with my nose, letting him know I wanted him to have it. Everyone thought it was the cutest thing ever. 

It does take me a short bit of time to warm up to visitors to the home but I calmly come over and check everyone out. (I just need to make sure they aren't going to hurt my family). After I have meet our guests I am happy to hang out where everyone is. If a stranger tries to pet me while I am lying down I may get nervous and run away but then I feel silly afterward and come right back to let them pet me. 

An active home would be best for me as I love going for walks, hikes and runs and am great both on and off the leash. At dog parks I love to run in circles with new dogs I meet at the park. I also love wrestling with my neighbour’s dog, a schnauzer, when he comes over for playtime. I live happily with a small dog and am respectful, gentle and playful with her as well. I would be happy to share my forever home with another playful pup. I haven't been seen around cats though to know how I would be with them. 

At home I am very calm and am content to spend my leisure time chewing on toys, bones or laying on the patio and watching the world go by. I am never aggressive, not even around food, despite my near starvation. And I take treats from your hand ever so gently. I can sit, lay down and heel (well, most of the time, anyway). I might pull a bit if I get excited but even then I am easy to control at my light weight. 

Life is grand when you know what it is like to almost lose it and when you have kind people to share it with. I am very healthy, very happy and ever so gentle. Once I trust and bond with you, which will take me all of five minutes, I will adore you forever. I am house trained, neutered, microchipped and up to date on my vaccinations.






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