Terrier Cross

7 years old

Excellent health

Vaccinations done

Afraid of larger dogs


Are you lonely tonight? We have the cutest little gal to keep you company. Her name is Zoe and she is 10 pounds of cuddly sweetness. She is a terrier cross with the most adorable face. Being a terrier, she has plenty of energy but still loves to snuggle. Your lap is her favourite place to be. She prefers to sleep in bed with you and you will often find her nestled under your covers in the morning.


Zoe is quite the dancer. She likes to prance around on her hind legs, especially when she knows treats are on offer. She loves to play fetch and shaking the heck out of her stuffy toys. Zoe has not had much leash training, so walking her is a bit more like trying to land a trout than walking a dog. She needs a bit of work in that regard. She loves going for car rides and when she is not looking out the windows, she will either sit in your lap or curl up on a blanket in the back seat. She loves being outside and, like most terriers, she is very inquisitive and will scout the perimeter of your yard and check out anything that looks unusual. 


Zoe has had experience with other dogs and that experience has taught her that she likes small dogs, but not big dogs. She gets along well with dogs up to about twenty pounds, but larger dogs make her very nervous and she will bark at them.


Zoe has been checked by our vet and is very healthy. She has had all her necessary vaccinations and shows no signs of any joint issues.


Zoe would be quite happy to be an only dog or to share her house with another small dog.


Zoe’s owner had her since she was a puppy, but had to rehome her because she now has a very demanding job and Zoe was being left alone for too long each day. Zoe’s owner new Zoe deserved better and she would be much happier in a new home with people who could spend more time with her.


Zoe is adorable, loving, cute and cuddly. You really could not ask for a better K9 companion in a compact package. 


Adoption Fee: $500