• 3 years old

• 90lbs

• Healthy

• Neutered

• Vaccinated

• Good with people

• Would not recommend with young children or as a family dog (Akita!)

• Could be good with cats

• Okay with small strange dogs

• Bad with big strange dogs

• Plays rough but okay with big dog friends

Oh hello and a good day to you. I’m Woody and I’m three years old, going on 83 - people used to joke that I’m like an old man because my favorite thing to do is relax on park benches and take in the weather. Now that we’ve formally met would you like to hear a funny anecdote? My former owner, (who is not together with her partner, my current owner), accidentally agreed to ME, a big, confident, hairy, gorgeous Akita - instead of a Shiba Inu, (a silent little wannabe Akita), the dog that they actually WANTED! They thought, “Whoops, well that’s a 70 pound mistake!” Mistake? Please. We all know they have been lucky to have the honour of my presence for these last two and a half years.


What’s not to love? I am the most easy-going, lackadaisical, chilled out dog you might ever meet in your life. Cool as a cucumber, that's me. There are only two things that cause me to lose my cool: other big dogs that look like me, and POODLES! Can’t stand ‘em. Those goofy curls.

When I’m with my owner I might lunge and growl or bark at a big dog or poodle that looks at me funny (or at all) but that’s where that ends. He will have to grab my harness to hold me back but I otherwise am okay on a leash. It’s just a show of dominance. I like to play rough with my friends and that can look a little intense, but that’s my breed. That said I’m on amazing behavior at doggie daycares and have never had any incident with another dog in that setting, so it’s definitely my protective instinct towards my owner.


Otherwise I am easy going almost to a fault. Hikes? Could care less. Big long walks all day? Don’t wake me, I’m getting my beauty sleep. A nice yard with a porch I can sit on and watch over my area? Now we’re talking. I am described as ‘affectionate from afar’. I am fine, and as mentioned indifferent to people and I don’t really care about other small dogs. I would probably do best as the only dog in the house though, but it’s not a deal breaker. Currently I’m being left at home alone for my owner’s shifts in the hospitality industry and it’s a little boring being home all day for over eight hours! I’m not destructive, nor do I have accidents. My human just knows there’s a better life out there for me.


I eat dry food about four cups a day. I need really careful consistent brushing and grooming especially around my tail. I seem to be okay with cats. There’s a cat at the local corner store that is kind of interesting who doesn't annoy me. I can’t really be bothered to chase them. I’m house trained, not crate trained, and I sleep by the door or maybe on the bed if I feel like it. I roam free in the house when my owner isn’t around. Ideally I would go to a retiree or two who would like to spend some quality time together relaxing and doing yard work. Bonus if there's a bench