2 yrs old




75 lbs

Loves people Including kids

Good with dogs

Ok with cats but will chase

Hypoallergenic (all dogs shed to some degree)

HI Everyone, this is Vinny! He is a very handsome, 2 yr old Labradoodle. He is a very smart and very social pup with a huge zest for living! He’s full of energy, loves running and playing and meeting new people. He is happiest when he is with the people he loves and it doesn’t take him long to love someone new! He is a total love bug.


Vinny approaches life with an immense amount of enthusiasm. He was raised in a condo by a woman who loved him but couldn’t exercise or train him. So, now we have a 2 yr old, 75 pound , very exuberant and rather unruly puppy! Vinny is a joy though, who is just loving his life!

Kids and adults and other dogs are all his friends. He likes cats too, but will give chase if they run! Squirrels are his specialty - he will take off at top speed after them, with a human, practically air-borne, hanging on desperately behind him! You’ve gotta be strong to stay with this guy! And, that’s where the training he needs will come in handy! He’s as smart as a whip and likes to please, so it won’t take long for him to learn some puppy manners! He loves traipsing around the garden, rolling in puddles and walk times! He’ll need the opportunity to run free, so a yard with a very secure fence is a must, as are regular trips to the dog park! He’d be a natural for agility or fly ball. He thoroughly enjoys “walkabouts” so will take the opportunity to head out on his own, if a gate or a door is left open.


This guy is super smart and a bit of an opportunist! We understand from his fosters that if there are handles on the doors instead of knobs, he can open them himself! He sees no reason to wait for a human to do it for him. He also shows the initiative when it comes to other food too - he is the perfect height to steal a fresh scone from the counter!

It’s not that Vinny can’t relax - he can curl up at your feet to rest but if you give him the nod, at a moment’s notice he is ready to jump up and play! After a long, busy day he becomes a gentle and loving buddy who loves to curl up with his human on a cozy couch! He’s comfortable laying on the floor though and will get off if he isn’t wanted.

When Vinny is hungry and knows it’s getting close to meal time, he proudly picks up his bowl and prances around the kitchen to give a not so subtle hint to hurry it up! And if you’re looking for a guard dog - its not Vinny. He’s more likely to invite the intruders in to share a cookie and a cup of coffee.

If you have the time (can’t be away from home all day) and the patience to work with Vinny you will be rewarded with a fabulous family friend! He is a beautiful pup with a huge heart and a huge capacity for fun.

Adoption Fee - $550