8 yr old





Knows his commands

This very handsome looking eight year old is Tre. He hasn’t had his DNA done but chances are he’s a Staffy/Pitty maybe with some lab or boxer mixed in there, who knows? Whatever he is, he’s a happy dog whose zest for life and loveable nature can brighten your day.

Tre is very affectionate and gentle with his people. In fact, he loves them so much he would love to be with them, and ON them all the time (thinks he’s a lap dog)! He is such a velcro dog that he doesn’t want to stay outside if his people are inside. His people got him another dog to hang out with outside but - that didn’t work! He still just wants to be with them.

Since Tre joined his family it has grown by two children and a second dog. He tolerates the young children and has never shown any aggression toward them, but it’s clear he could do without their loud noises and fast movements. He gets along with the other dog, they play together well, most of the time, but the two of them are always vying for the position of top dog. They’ve had a couple of altercations which are upsetting for the family to watch. Although, Tre was their “first baby” the family have decided that, because he isn’t very keen on the kids or the other dog, it would be best for him if he went to a new home where he can be the “only.” No other dogs and no young kids! Older kids are fine. He could follow them everywhere! - Tre might like living with a cat - he really likes them and if other dogs bother them he’ll rush right in to be their protector.

Tre is usually very good with strangers - most he loves but a few, not so much! He has been exposed to many different social events at his home and most of the time he has enjoyed all the guests. Occasionally, for some reason, he meets someone he doesn’t like and he lets them know with a few growls and barks. Sooner of later tho he warms up to them and becomes their new best friend, looking for lots of hugs and cuddles.

Before the second dog moved into the house Tre went for regular walks and was good with other dogs in the community. He walks very well on the leash and isn’t a big puller. He also loved going to the dog park. But, for the last two years, the dogs have not been taken out for walks or to the dog park. Tre would really love a home where he gets out regularly for a good body and brain workout. His favourite sport is swimming which he loves more than anything! When he gets a chance to swim he often refuses to get out of the water - forcing someone to go in to get him out! He likes to chew on sticks too but he refuses to play fetch.

Tre is a good boy who is devoted to his people. He is suited to a family who are home a lot and who want to spend time with him, walking, hiking, exploring or just chilling in the house. He needs comfort from his people during fireworks and when he hears loud noises outside. Tre is not an outside dog, he needs to be close to his humans.

If you are looking for a loyal companion who will snuggle up with you inside and hike with you outside, Tre is your guy!

Adoption Fee: $400