MAGGIE:  We love our new rescue dog Maggie who we recently welcomed as a new addition to our home! She is a sweet and lively Maltese. It was great to try Maggie out in our home to make sure she was a fit with our other dog Tazi before we decided. It has worked out well and now we have adopted a beautiful happy little dog. I appreciate the hard work and diligence that Maureen and Home at Last Dog Rescue do as it is important to find the best home and fit for the rescued dog – many which have come from difficult situations and deserve to be placed where they will be loved unconditionally and well cared for. It takes a strong commitment to care for any dog and even more when the dog is a little older and may have some issues. Therefore it does take time to go through the process of checking out potential dog parents. For those looking to help out a rescued dog and especially those with special needs, I really think it is a gratifying experience knowing that you have helped a dog in need! We also appreciate the foster dog parents really fulfill an important role in the time it takes to find a home for the rescue dog.. we could really see the loving care that was provided to Maggie in the interim and it really helped her to be in a stable home environment. Thanks again to Home at Last Dog Rescue – you really care about your dogs and helping them find a loving home!  Aldine, Lars & Tazi

CHEVY:  This past year has been difficult.  But Home at Last stood right behind me all the way through this horrible ordeal, the support provided was truly the only way I could have made it this far.  But now I have this great little dog that has bonded so well with me and my other dog Katie.  Although he came with a few bad habits (peeing in the house) he's still a work in progress but improving all the time. I can't say enough about Home at Last and the good work they do.  In my case they went all out for me, and I appreciate their dedication to all the dogs. The support from Maureen kept my spirits up and that was greatly appreciated.
Keep up the good work, thanks for being there.  Betty M.

GUS:  Gus has come a long way from the shy, scared pup. He has gone on off leash walks, he responds attentively, loves meeting new dogs, and is a very loving pup. Gives kisses on demand! We are so happy that Home At Last found Gus and gave our pack a wonderful new member We can't image our family without him. Michele and her daughter gave him a loving foster family start️ Home At Last is a fantastic organization to work with. Thank you Maureen!

HENZIE:  Henzi is so amazing!  He is fit into this family just perfectly.  He is such a fantastic, polite, affectionate boy.  We are so glad he is part of the family!  Home at Last Dog Rescue is a fantastic organization!  Can't thank you enough!

ONYX:  We made the right decision going with your organization to rehome our fur child.  We miss him, but are happy that he is with a family that can provide the one on one care that he needed.  Thank you so much for checking on him for us.