Breed:  mixed

Age:  11 weeks

Weight:  30 lbs

Male:  not neutered

This little pharaoh with kohl-rimmed eyes is such a sweet boy. His owner acquired him from a breeder but soon learned that a puppy is a big responsibility he was not able to accommodate in his life. Stevie arrived on Christmas Eve and is the best Christmas gift we could ever have imagined. At the time we also had several Pyredane pups waiting for adoptions and they accepted Stevie with open paws. He fit right in. Mom took a real liking to him and the striking resemblance between mom and Stevie was uncanny.

When Stevie arrived he was underweight and a vet exam determined that he had an intestinal parasite. We quickly attended to that with antibiotics. Stevie has since gained weight and is in great health. He is now 13 weeks old.

He is an active, inquisitive, playful and loving pup. He gets along well with our other dogs and loves to frolic and tease the big dogs.

We are not sure of Stevie’s breeding, but it is certain he is going to be a big boy.

We just about have him paper trained. (He still has the occasional accident.) And he knows his name and how to sit for treats.

Stevie loves to have his tummy rubbed and to lick your face. He is very affectionate and well-adjusted.

If you think Stevie might be the pup for you, please complete our Adoption Application so we have all your relevant information. 

Adoption Fee: $750