* Papillon/Terrier/Schnauzer X
* 9 years old
* Approximately 12 lbs
* Very good with people and with dogs
* Will chase cats 
* Healthy 
* Neutered

There is something irresistible about dogs with big ears and wait until you see the ears on Rufus!  And, his  big ears are a good match to his big personality.  He is a confident little guy who is bright, busy and curious.  Papillon’s are considered one of the smartest of all dogs.  He is a clever and active little guy who excels at walks in the park and companionship!  He is very people focused and wants to be included in all the people activities.  In fact, he’ll demand it.

Rufus lived with his human for most of his life. They loved to walk and spent much of their time together exploring their community and meeting new people.   Very sadly his human became ill and passed away, leaving Rufus alone.  Kindly, a family member stepped in to take care of him until they could find him a new home.  He has adjusted well to the change and is happy in his new environment playing with other dogs in the big yard.  


He is a perfect companion for folks who are active but who also enjoy chilling out at home.  He is just as happy sitting on a lap as he is running around the yard. He is an easy-to-care for little buddy who is spirited and fun!  He’s a quick mover so you have to watch him before he dashes out the door without you - always looking for the  action!   He’s a bit of a picky eater so he eats special food from the pet store with some cooked chicken on the top to make it tastier!  Papillons typically look young for a long time and have long life spans. At nine years old Rufus still looks like a pup.


Rufus is a good little watchdog and will alert his people of strangers lurking or passing by.  He isn’t the kind of guy who keeps it going tho.  He gives the message and leaves the rest to the people.  He is friendly and polite with new folks but is slightly reserved at first.  He isn’t too interested in working at winning you over  -  he knows he doesn’t have to.

This is an affectionate little guy who will make himself comfortable with you on the couch, ride along with you in the car and will be ready at any time to join you on an adventure.  He sleeps in his crate now but would probably be willing to sleep on your bed!  He just wants to be with his people!   If you treat this guy right you will have a loving companion who won’t want to leave your side!   And, every time you look at him you will smile from ear to ear too.

Adoption Fee - $450