Hi I’m Rufus,  one of the ten, fabulous Pyredane puppies born on October 12th

We were all so happy when we found new homes but thru no fault of mine, I wasn’t able to stay with my new family.  It was so disappointing for me  because I really liked playing with the kids and I really liked the other dog and everyone thought she liked me too.  BUT, for some reason she changed her mind!  I don’t know why because I am a very lovable guy!  I’m low key and good natured, friendly and playful..... so you can see why its hard for me to figure out what was going on with her!  I guess she just isn’t a good sharer!  When I played with toys, (MY own toys) she got very mad and tried to take them all away.  And, she didn’t even want me to eat!  She wanted all the food for herself!  The humans were very worried and decided that it was safer (she’s much bigger than me) if I came back to live with my mom Molly and my friend Stevie.  It was kind of sad but I was happy to see everyone again.  My foster humans, who love me, were thrilled to see me too!  I didn’t stay sad for very long.  They all made me feel really happy!

But now, I need to find another family to love and look after me. Stevie and I won’t be able to stay together forever because he will find a new home too.  But, we both really want our new home to have another FRIENDLY dog for us to play with.  We’ve both played with other pups everyday and its a hard habit to break!  


  I’m a laid back kinda guy.  I like to play with other dogs and I like to sit and look around outside too.  I  love watching the birds and the squirrels and just checking things out.  I’m not as rambunctious as some of my litter mates and I really enjoy my own company. But, that doesn’t mean I can live outside.  I love hangin out with my humans too but I just don’t need them to entertain me all the time. I’m happy doin’ my own thing.  

I am healthy  and vaccinated and almost 100% house trained. I’ll need to start walking with a harness and leash soon and learning some things that dogs should know.  I’m smart so I will learn fast.  And, as I mentioned before, I am incredibly lovable and sweet.  I’m going to be big so I need humans who love big dogs, love going for walks  and who have a nice, fenced yard.


Pups like me don’t come along very often - even if I do say so myself!  Please think about giving me a good home where I can enjoy the indoors and the outdoors with you. I’m a very good boy and you will like me - everyone does!    


Adoption Fee - $850.00