6 months old 
Heathy - recent vet check
Smart and eager to learn
Housetraining progressing very well ( she doesn’t give signals yet) 
Needs to have a home with other small dogs and dog savvy humans
* No kids under 12
* Located on Vancouver Island

We are accepting applications only from those who live on Vancouver Island, as Ruby is working intensively with a trainer there and we do not wish to disrupt that process.

This sweet pup is Ruby, a 6 month old Pocket Beagle (smaller than typical Beagles).  She’s a cutie and as smart as a whip - eager to learn everything people will teach her. She is very fast and would be fantastic at agility.  She loves to play with other dogs and is especially happy and comfortable with the small ones.  It is important for her to find a new home with loving, gentle people and with a well-balanced, gentle little dog or dogs to keep her company.  Seeing this perky little pup in action will entertain you and make you smile.  

Poor little Ruby has had some anxiety issues to deal with in her short life.  She’s been sensitive to handling in some instances and sensitive to meeting strangers but with the help of a very caring and savvy trainer she is learning to trust people and to allow them to touch her.  She is meeting strangers (she likes them to wait for her to say hello first) and visiting the vet with much more confidence now.  She has become a very cuddly little pup who loves to curl up on the lap of a trusted human. But, this little tail wagger is full of fun too, with oddles of energy to run and play games with humans and other canines. 

Ruby has done very well with her lessons.  She has very good recall  - her trainer says “as perfect as any dog I have ever trained.”  All she needs is a cheery “Ruby” and she gladly comes back from playing with other dogs.  She can be recalled from almost any situation.  “Almost” - she just Loves to chase birds,  but hey, she’s a Beagle!  She is excellent on the leash too.  She’s so smart she knows to slow down if the leash gets tight!  She is not a dog park pup - they big ones get too rough for her!  Ruby loves and needs to chew (she’s still teething) and every night she has a bone for mental stimulation and to help her settle  for the night.  She might take the initiative to chew on something else ( glasses, socks, shoes etc) if she isn’t given enough appropriate items to chew!  So bring on the bones and other chew toys!  Bored and lonely pups can become noisy and destructive!  Again, she is a Beagle so you can expect some vocalizations if you don’t keep her busy! 

Ruby isn’t a pup who can be left alone for hours while her people are out. But, when she is left she prefers to be in her crate. Back to those vocalizations !  If she is left out of the crate she whines quite loudly for awhile but then she settles.  She likes the car and travels quietly so she is happy to accompany her people on outings (as long as it’s not too hot).  

We are looking for a home for Ruby where she will be treated gently and respectfully; where she will have the opportunity to live with another small dog;  and participate in an active lifestyle.  She needs a fenced yard to explore so she can enjoy all the sights, but mostly,  the smells all around her. She’ll be in heaven to go on long walks where she can experience many new scents!  Her friendly,  playful and curious nature makes her an amazing friend and companion.