* Pure bred Aussie Shepherd (Red Merle)

* 3 yrs old in February

* 42 lbs

* Vaccinated and spayed

* Likes other dogs

* Good with people including kids (a little aloof with total strangers)

* Will chase cats

This great looking pup with the beautiful, sensitive blue eyes is Roxy.  She comes from a strong line of working Aussie Shepherds.  She loves to walk and hike but her absolute favourite thing to do is herding.  She’s a working girl at heart and her New Years resolution is to get a job.  It doesn’t have to be herding - she doesn’t actually have to tend a flock of sheep. She’ll  settle for fly ball or agility - as long as she’s active.   She doesn’t like being out of work so she is currently looking for a fulfilling career  -  starting now.

Roxy has been with her humans since she was a puppy.  They have a great relationship but life has changed and Roxy isn’t getting the mental stimulation and the exercise she needs.  She could work and play from morning to night but the little humans in the home are taking up most of the time.  There isn’t much left for Roxy and her humans know that someone else could give her more of what she needs.  They are hoping there is an active, herder savvy  (she is very smart and could outwit a novice owner)  family out there who would love to share the Aussie experience.

Roxy and her humans have done three training sessions together.  They have completed  the puppy beginner class, the intermediate obedience class and an on line course.  She thrives when she has the chance to put big brain and her athletic body  to use.  So far, she knows 16 commands and tricks. And she’s eager to learn more!  She also has excellent recall and responds well to whistles.  Roxy isn’t the dog for you if you just want a leisurely walk in the park.

Raw food is what Roxy likes to eat.  She doesn’t have any food allergies but raw seems to agree with her.  She takes probiotics too to keep her digestive working well.  In the Spring she might be bothered by the Dogwood fluff in the air.  Otherwise she is perfectly healthy.  She loves to sleep in her crate with the door open.  She’s tried a dog bed but always chooses her crate where she feels safe and comfortable.  Oh, and she has a special bunny that always goes in her crate with her.

She has a loyal and loving personality and loves to stay close to her pack. She doesn’t do well if she is left alone for long periods of time.  She is the perfect companion for someone who is active and who works from home.  If you like smart, talented dogs Roxy could be for you.  She will make your life very happy and you will do the same for her.  And as a bonus, you might even be able to teach her to help with chores around the house - pick up clothes off the floor or carry a few groceries home in her back pack. Sky’s the limit with Roxy.

Adoption Fee: $700