German Shepherd/Border Collie

8 yrs old



Healthy - Last vet visit - April 2020

Good with off leash dogs

This beauty is Roy, an 8 yr old Border Collie/German Shepherd mix. Roy has a Big personality - it fills the room! Everyone he meets falls for his goofy personality and his funny little quirks! He loves the rain and if you let him, will gladly get thoroughly poured on and roll around in all the puddles! He’s got lots of enthusiasm for fun but he knows when to settle and is perfect in the house.

Roy’s people have had him since he was a pup and have taken months to come to the decision to let him go to another family. But, they have very little time and they live in an urban area where he can’t be at his best. They would like to see him with a family who can provide a big back yard and lots of activity and attention. He doesn’t enjoy being left alone for long periods of time so someone who is at home a lot is important.

Roy loves the outdoors and he’s an avid long trail hiker. He likes his walks too and you have to see his sudden, “stop, drop and roll” in the grass - often right down a hill! He is very cute and makes everyone laugh! Curiosity can get the best of him and he’ll wander a little to check things out. He’s quite athletic so a short fence probably won’t contain him if he is motivated enough to investigate something interesting! But, as soon as he realizes he’s alone - back he’ll come - he doesn’t want to get too far from his people. Roy LOVES people and is happiest and most comfortable with a house full of guests! Roy is not a guard dog. Everyone is his friend.

Kids are people too and Roy is very kind and gentle with them. If they cry he tries to comfort them. But, when they cry for a long time, he becomes concerned until they stop. He has never lived with children but is very patient when he meets them outside or when they come to visit.

Roy should not be in a home with other dogs. He likes to play with other dogs at the dog parks - although sometimes he can play a little too rough - but he prefers to be the “only” dog at home. He has spent quite a lot of time at off leash doggy day camps and loves the wide open non-threatening spaces. But, he is leash reactive and when he’s on leash goes into his “guard dog” mode - protecting his people from other evil pups who are lurking about.

Roy loves food and he’ll steal if he gets the chance! He’s a bit of an opportunist - always looking for the right moment to be off with a sandwich or even better, a cookie! But when he is given a bone or a high value treat he isn’t into sharing at all - he definitely prefers to eat it alone!

Roy is a total people dog who will meet you at the door, flop at your feet and beg for a belly rub! He’s a clown and a best friend and a protector. He needs a family who will spend time with him and take him to the dog park to play with other dogs. His leash reactivity makes him a challenge to walk tho so a not too busy dog neighbourhood would be the best.

Looking for a great pal, who will entertain you, sit with you, take a drive in the car with you and who will welcome your friends (after Covid!) - Roy is the guy.

Adoption Fee - $400