We understand that there are times when finding a new home for your canine family member is in the best interests of the dog. Dog owners who want to ensure their dog gets a loving and responsible home come to us for help, as we are very diligent about the quality of the homes into which we place our dogs. ‎Because of this thorough vetting process we can not guarantee a quick placement. How fast a dog can be found a new home depends on their desirability - age, size, health, temperament and behaviour all play a role.

Our foster homes are typically full and need to be available for the stray and abandoned dogs that are the core of our rescue work. In addition, as it is an easier transition for dogs to remain in their homes until a new one is found, we typically require that a surrendered dog remain in the care of their owners wherever possible. In some urgent situations and if a foster home is available, we may be able to take a surrendered dog into our care. 

Please note:

Posting dogs on various websites, processing applications, phone interviewing applicants and doing home checks take up our valuable time and resources. Many times we have found a potential home for a dog only to find the owner has found one themselves. This is very frustrating for us and for our potential adopters. If you find someone who is interested in adopting your dog we ask that you refer them to our website so they go through our thorough screening process. 

While we do not charge a rehoming fee, we do retain the adoption fee the new family will pay to adopt your dog. Adoption fees from rehomings help support our vital rescue work, which is not self-supporting. We also gratefully accept donations for rehomings.  

We are not certified dog behaviourists, do not have a shelter and are not equipped to rehabilitate dogs who have serious behavioural issues such as severe aggression towards people and/or other dogs.  We can manage dogs with minor problems as dogs are often different in different homes.  If your dog has serious behaviour issues, we ask that you provide a written assessment from a certified trainer before we agree to rehome the dog.

In order to enable us to find your dog and loving and suitable home we require a full description of your dog's personality, behavioural traits, and exercise needs. Please use the following as a guide:



  • - dog's name, breed(s), weight, gender and age

  • - dog's history

  • - low, medium or high energy level

  • - exercise needs

  • - friendly or not with other dogs, cats (if known) and kids

  • - playful with other dogs or not

  • - personality (outgoing, timid, affectionate, aloof, etc)

  • - favourite activities

  • - quirky, cute traits

  • - behavioural problems

  • - health or disability problems

  • - any special needs

  • - level of training, including whether housetrained or not

  • - spayed or neutered or not and if not, why not

  • - microchipped or tattooed

  • - latest vaccinations received

  • - why you can no longer care for your dog

We will also need several good pictures, including full body shots and close ups of your dog's face looking into the camera, if possible. Good pictures are essential for getting interest in your dog so please take pictures in bright natural lighting. Also, a short thirty second video of your dog in a playful or cute activity helps get much more interest in them. Dogs with videos get more applications and are adopted faster than dogs without videos.

Please also provide us with all your phone contact information as well as the area you live in.    Once we have pictures and a complete bio of your dog we will post him or her on several adoption websites.   Please send all information and direct rehoming inquiries to




Why you should never advertise your dog as "Free to a Good Home"

If you are thinking about trying to find your dog a home by advertising them as “free to good home” on Craigslist, Kijiji or any other online classified site please go to this link first. You will see that the chances of your dog actually finding a great home by being given away for free are very slim. But the chances that your dog will end up living a nightmare, or dying in one, are very good indeed.

People who search online for free dogs include:

– those looking for dogs for fighting rings

– those who will sell the dogs to vivisection labs at universities like UBC

– sadists who get pleasure from torturing and killing animals

– restaurant owners who will kill the dog and serve them on the menu that night. It is perfectly legal in Canada to serve dog meat in restaurants.  

All of these people are adept at convincing dog owners that they are sincerely looking for a family pet and will provide that dog with a loving home. They will often bring a child along to be more convincing. Home At Last Dog Rescue will only help rehome dogs that are not being advertised for free.

If you insist upon advertising your dog in a classified ad, follow the guidelines listed in this posting Most importantly, charge something for your dog. Even $50 will keep away most of the people who do not want your dog for a family pet. 


Pet Friendly Housing?

Are you struggling to find a rental that will allow you to bring your beloved pooch along with you? Check out this link from Zumper, a great resource in finding pet-friendly housing!

Thanks for caring about your dog so much that you are willing to ask Home at Lat Dog Rescue for help.  We will do our best to ensure your precious family member find the best possible new home!