13 months





okay with older kids

 good with people

 good with big dogs

 high energy


I'M RANGER AND I'M LIKE THE ENERGIZER BUNNY I CAN GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO SO STOP READING NOW IF YOU DON'T HAVE A LOT OF TIME TO SPEND WITH ME AND ENERGY TO BURN!!!!! Phewph. Now that we have established that, I will try and introduce myself more calmly. I am Ranger, I'm a puppy, just thirteen months old and I'm a very cute, quirky mix of a mini bull terrier and mini poodle (and part energizer bunny as I mentioned). I am non-shedding but not necessarily non-allergenic.


I love love love love to chase my ball and play with you and let you throw my ball and I'll go get it and we can do it again! Are you starting to get the picture - I really love to play! At home I relax for a while and then it's time to go go go again! My current family cannot keep up with me because they are raising two very young humans and literally just don't have enough time to play with me or take me out for long walks or runs. They describe me as the perfect dog although have been forced to rehome me because I'm starting to demonstrate some pent up frustrated behavior due to lack of exercise. They are feeling so badly for me.

I do love to snuggle my humans after a long day of playing (hopefully). Remember, it’s all about me me and how I love to play! I have a bit of separation anxiety right now so I'll follow you from room to room and I will bark a bit when you leave the house. Another dog - preferably a big one - to keep me company would really help! I LOVE BIG DOGS! Any behaviours I have now are likely the result of just not having my exercise needs met. That's where the playmate comes in.

I am young and would love to work with a trainer so I could get some ideas to use my energy in fun ways! For example, I would probably be great at agility or flyball! I would also love to end up with a person or people who are outdoorsy, love hiking and camping and running.

On walks, I like to meet other dogs and in my excitement I might lunge (because it’s so fun!). it's important that the person walking me is strong enough to hold all 27 lbs of me back!! I'm a little bit scared in the dark at night too - it makes me nervous for some reason. I sleep in my crate next to my person's bed. I know basic commands and I come when I'm called most of the time. I have really strong jaws (bull terrier) and love a good chew toy or bone. Not furniture, don't worry! I am not destructive in any way.

I'm currently only getting out a few times a week, sometimes to the dog park, or running with my humans on their rollerblades, or stroller walks. Walking slow with babies is booooooring!!! I JUST WANT TO GO AND RUN AND PLAY AND RACE AND CATCH MY BALL AND THEN DO IT AGAIN AND THEN.....OH LOOK THERE'S A BIG DOG OH HI!!!!!! CAN YOU TELL I'M JUST PUPPY!