On Saturday, October 10th we responded to a call asking us to rescue two dogs who had lost their human and who were living outside with very little shelter from the weather.  We were surprised when we met them, to find that the young female was very close to delivering a littler of puppies.  The weather was getting very cold and we were grateful to have the opportunity to get them to a safe place where she could have her pups in a clean, comfortable, environment.  Less than 48 hours later, on Thanksgiving morning, she gave birth to 10 beautiful healthy puppies.  We are sure that not all the pups would have survived without help.  We have been grateful every day, especially during these difficult times,  to experience the joy of watching them grow and thrive.  This fabulous family, mom, dad, 6 baby boys and 4 baby girls are all doing well and all have sweet, loving, gentle dispositions.  All members of the family are looking for new homes.
The Great Pyredane (Great Dane 60%/Great Pyrenees 40%) is a popular hybrid - a cross between two giant dogs, the Great Dane a fun-loving family dog that was originally bred to hunt European boar, and the Great Pyrenees, an independent and protective guardian of sheep. These dogs tend to be calmer than the rambunctious Great Dane but more easygoing and eager to learn than the strong-willed Great Pyrenees. Their grooming and exercise needs are fairly minimal. They are too vocal, energetic, and large to make apartment life feasible, and are more likely to thrive living in a larger home with either a secured yard or a nearby dog park. 
These little guys and gals will grow up to be between 100 to 120 pounds, so be warned. We are looking for puppy and big dog lovers only. Enjoy the pictures and fill out an Adoption Application letting us know you are interested.