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We adopted Spencer (now known as Jasper) a little over a month ago and he has felt like a true member of the family ever since. We assumed that he would take some time to warm up to us and his new situation, so we were prepared to be patient, but from Day 1 he’s been happy-go-lucky, friendly, and just felt like “our dog” all around.

We’re not the only ones who have fallen in love with Jasper either. Our whole family has been charmed by him, and he’s extremely popular! Everyone wants to drop by to visit or take him for a walk. He also has a puppy friend up the street who he sees a few times a week at the park for some rough-and-tumble fun. Jasper encourages us to get up and out for our run every morning, and has even convinced us that swimming in the river that early is fun too!

It took a little while to get Jasper adjusted to a new diet, but he seems to be looking and feeling much healthier now, with extra energy to match! He’ll now happily head out on the trails with us for at least a few hours per day with no complaints (well, okay, maybe a few complaints… baby steps!)

When he’s not running around in the forest with us, Jasper has been enjoying napping in sunbeams on the patio any trying to play with any dog he sees on TV! We’ve also recently discovered that Jasper has a knack for impressions: whenever a firetruck goes by, he can howl along with the siren perfectly (and it might be the cutest thing we’ve ever heard)!

Jasper has already brought so much happiness into our household. We’re so grateful that he’s a part our life and that we get to be his people!

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