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Moon & Star

2 months 3 weeks later and Moon and Star are well established in their new life with us. They are both very timid easily frightened dogs and Moon still struggles with fear aggression issues BUT they are both very bonded to me.

They love being free in our yard, and get so excited when I reach for their leashes to go for our walks. It's absolutely adorable how excited Star gets. She's typically the aloof one of the pair, but show her the leashes and she turns into a wiggle monster. Moon is more playful and goofy. He loves to play fetch while Star stands guard over our Shannon I Gans. No fetch for her royal highness!

They walk perfectly together on leash. Like synchronized swimmers. I love walking them!

I advise anyone who's considering adopting a Formosan Mountain dog from Twaiwan that even though they are somewhat skittish in nature and very protective of whomever they are bonded with....having them in your life is well worth it. They have so many adorable little quirks unseen in any other breed. They move amazingly fast and are incredibly agile. They are like canine mountain goats when climbing rocks. They hop sideways which kills me every time I see them do it. And, their vocalizations are fascinating! They bark, growl, chortle, chirp and howl! Sometimes all at the same time! I only have 2 dogs, but it sounds like I have 6 when someone approaches the house.

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt them. Our lives are so much richer because of these 2 little hooligans. :-)

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