- Min Pin
- 10 yrs old
- 25 lbs
- Healthy
- Vaccinated
- Neutered
- Not good with kids

HI, I’m Odie a very cute, 10 yr old Miniature Pincher who sadly has to find a new home.  At my age, the change was very hard for me but my foster humans have been a big help.  They are so good to me and they love me a lot.  But, of course, I’m a pretty lovable little guy so they can’t resist me!  Min Pins Rule!

People say I had a very bad start in life and that I was traumatized by my experiences. I was in bad shape when my family adopted me but we lived happily together for a long time.  But, then they decided to bring little humans into our house.  I really don’t like little humans at all (I put up with a lot) and I don’t know why anyone does!  They’re noisy and always running around and picking up stuff that is isn’t theirs!   It’s so annoying!   I used to get so scared and worried about them that I snapped once in awhile,   A couple of times, when they didn’t get the hint to leave me and my stuff alone, I nipped!  Not seriously, but,  I let them know to stay away from me!    I never snap at bigger people - just the little ones who have no manners when it comes to dogs!  My humans were worried that I might hurt one of these precious trouble makers so I had to go!  Of course, it was all my fault!  Life just isn’t fair! 

I love going for walks and hikes in places where it isn’t too busy.  I’m not a downtown guy - I’m suited to quiet areas more than busy places.  In noisy, busy places, I get quite anxious.  And, sometimes I don’t like meeting dogs on the leash but if I’m introduced properly I love to play with them at dog parks.  Chasing dogs who are bigger than me is one of my favourite things to do.  My foster humans have really helped me on the leash and I am not nearly so nervous now.  It feels much better not being so scared. I don’t get too close to new dogs on the leash, It’s best if I mind my own business, focus on my humans and just keep walking. 

A fenced yard would be nice for me so I can run around and explore when the humans are busy.  Min Pins like me want to investigate things!  Oh , and  I like it when my humans are home quite a lot.  I used to cry and bark when they were gone but not anymore - I get it, they’re coming back. Now, I just wait for them without hardly even complaining at all.  But, I wouldn’t want them to be gone all day.

A guy like me can keep humans on their toes.  It’s possible for me to delight them and exasperate them at the same time!  But, I make strong bonds with my people when I feel comfortable and I’m a loyal friend.  At home, I’m a cuddly guy and I just love to get under the blankets and snuggle up tight to my people.  Sometimes, I feel safer with women but I like some men too.  I’m probably not a good “starter” dog.  My humans should have some experience sharing life with a pup.  And of course, no little folk, please.

Please think about giving me another chance.  I need it and I’m worth it.

Adoption Fee: $350