8 yr old Chihuahua/Pomeranian
Female - Spayed
Approximately 9 lbs
Nervous at first with strange humans and dogs but quickly warms up 
Would prefer to live in a “one dog” family 
Would prefer no small kids

This little cutie with a sassy personality is Nyah.  She’s not very big but don’t let that fool you!  She has a “big-dog” attitude and thinks she is bigger than she really is!   Her eyes just sparkle with plenty of smarts and plenty of spunk.  She is a tiny companion with a big personality.

Her diminutive size doesn’t mean she’s a couch potato!  She loves long walks and playtimes and she loves chasing a ball too - as long as her humans will bring it back to her!  She needs regular exercise everyday to keep her happy!  She has a fairly high prey drive so best to keep her on the leash except for runs in the dog park!   Brain games and puzzles would challenge her and keep her occupied at home.  She is smart little thing and eager to learn!  This busy little girl who loves to be “part of the action” is always ready for snuggle times and looks forward to long cozy cuddles on the couch.  She loves her people so she doesn’t want to left home alone for long periods of time.  

LIfe has changed for Nyah in the last few years.  She now shares her home with a small human and another dog.  She is very good with the little human she lives with but she is also very vigilant and protective.  She takes it very seriously to protect the little child and is on duty “full-time.”  It is extremely stressful for her to be on high alert working 24/7.   Her family think it is time for her to retire and live in a more stress free environment.  They love her and would like to see her living  in an “adults only,’”  “one dog only” family where she can get all the outside time she needs and where she can relax with her humans when she is inside. 

This big dog in a little dog body is a natural protector and a good watch dog. She’ll let you know when someone is at the door or when someone passes by the house.   She will bark at new people and new dogs she meets but after she has sent out the alarm she is quick to settle down.  She is protective on her walks too but walking her on a short leash helps her feel more confident that everything is under control.  

Nyah is 50 % sass and 50 % spirit with a face will capture your heart!  She’s got personality plus and loves to be the center of attention but she has a sweet, loving and cuddly side to her too!  She is everything you could want wrapped up in a small package.

If you are looking for a fun, feisty little friend who will go walking with you and then snuggle up with you on the couch, Nyah could be the pup for you!  Oh, and she will happily share your bed too.

Adoption Fee: $450