5 yrs old

55 lbs




Good with most people

Not good with kids

Lives with cats

Very good with other dogs


This lovely, gentle girl is Nala, a 5 yr old Collie/German Short Haired Pointer. She is a dignified dog who is intelligent, sensitive and slightly cautious. She is very friendly with adults - especially those who are excited to meet her! And, she likes teens too. But, she is very nervous of children. She had an on-going bad experience with a young child who regularly tormented her. And, she is not about to “forgive and forget” - no one told her she shouldn’t hold a grudge! Nala is an “adults only” pup.

Some time ago Nala’s family moved to a new neighbourhood. Unfortunately for her, the cul-de-sac they now live on has children in every home. There are kids everywhere - riding bikes and skateboards, running and playing - just having fun. A dream come true for the kids, but a nightmare for Nala! With all the stress, she has become very anxious and has shown some aggression toward the children when they run or ride past her. Her family is terrified that there will be an incident causing harm to a child and/or to Nala. To avoid an unfortunate situation, they have decided to find her a new home in a quieter area. An area without kids on all sides.

Nala is happy and relaxed when she is running with other dogs at the dog park. She gets along well with all of them and if someone gets out of line with her, she politely lets him/her know she’s had enough. She has excellent dog manners! Her manners aren’t quite so perfect with cats! She’s good with the cats she lives with but she might take the opportunity to have some fun by chasing a cat she doesn’t know! She loves chasing squirrels too.

Nala is a very sensitive dog which can lead to anxiety. During, and after the time her family moved into their new home, she became very anxious. On the advice of their vet, they put her on the natural remedy, Zylkene. It helped with her stress and they were slowly able to stop using it. She will need lots of tender, loving care (and maybe Zylkene) , when she leaves her family and joins a new one. And, providing a safe spot (crate?) for her might help her make the transition. Nala is always watching and learning and she is very in-tune with people. She is friendly with people outside her house but she is suspicious of some new people who come in. It’s in her DNA to protect her family.

Dogs like Nala thrive on exercise and companionship. She should have regular walks with her people every day and regular trips to the dog park. She is good on the leash but tends to pull a little when she first sets out! Being with other dogs is stress therapy for her so having a canine brother or sister would be great. - Playing fetch is a favourite activity of hers and she might also like doing a job or an activity like fly ball or agility. She knows basic commands but she would probably like to learn more. She is a smart girl.

Nala is very sweet, gentle and good natured with her family and with most other folks. She is a wonderful, perceptive companion. She enjoys relaxing around the house with her family and playing when they are ready to play. She’s highly sensitive so won’t want to be alone too long everyday. Give her lots of love and affection and she will happily give it back tenfold.


Adoption Fee - $450