Molly and Mike 

Pyredane (Great Dane X Great Pyrenees)
15 - 18 months old
110 lbs and 120 lbs approx
Great with people and other dogs

Mike and Molly are a very special pair of pups.  They have been through a lot in their short lives but nothing has dampened their loving spirits or their exuberance for life.  They share a beautiful, calm and easy going disposition that makes everyone they meet love them and want to be with them.

We aren’t sure how designer dogs like Great Pyredanes came to be abandoned by their owner.  But, they were found alone, in a small  compound outside with very little shelter, by a woman living near the property.  She fed them, waited for several weeks for someone to return, and when they didn’t, she asked for help.  On Thanksgiving morning, not forty eight hours after being rescued, Molly delivered 10 beautiful Pyredane puppies.  The timing was perfect!  Molly needed some help delivering her big pups and without it, its likely that neither she nor the pups would have survived!   Mike and Molly have a strong bond - together  since they were pups themselves, but since the birth of their own  puppies, they have been separated.  Now,  we can’t wait to re-unite them so they can spend the rest of their lives together.  

Molly is a gentle giant. She is very affectionate - loves to place her paws on your knees and gaze lovingly into your eyes.  And, when she needs a pet she uses those big paws again by putting one of them on your arm to say, “ I’m still here!”   Molly loves other dogs too and is good with big and small.  She never becomes too excited and can navigate that big body of hers without doing any damage to her playpals.  She likes to go for walks but she’s still confused by the leash - she hasn’t had much experience - and tends to swerve from side to side seldom finding a straight path!  She’ll need some training to get the hang of it and to learn some other things dogs need to know.  Molly is very fun to hang out with  - she has a joyfulness that makes everyone smile.

Mike is noble and very dignified.   He is friendly and just a little aloof when he first meets people.   But, he gets along well with humans and he loves other dogs - and horses!  He gets a kick out of chasing deer too - he’ll even  leap over the rail fences to have a bit of fun with them (he needs a 6 ft fence or no deer)!  Despite his large size, he is an excellent house dog. While he loves being with his humans, his true happy place is at the dog park where he can run and rough house and  experience the excitement of being with other large dogs. Unlike Molly, he doesn’t seem to know how big he is so he’s not the ideal playmate for small dogs.  The dog park is where he drops  his dignified manner and really goes for the gusto!  But, as soon as the puppy party is over, he is back to being dignified, sedate, calm Big Mike.  He is a real gem!

Mike isn’t quite as confident as Molly and she leads the way for him.  And, she’s a bit more full of beans and helps him have fun.  He gives her the gentle companionship she wants so badly.  They are perfect together.  We are hoping there are some really big hearted, large dog lovers out there who are willing to open their hearts and their home to this fantastic pair.  Dogs like MIke and Molly don’t come along often.

Adoption Fee: $1000 for both