* 7 - 8 yr old Pit Bull X
* Healthy
* Female - Spayed
* Good with people
* Good with kids
* Good with smaller dogs - a little bit scared of big dogs
Hi there.  I’m Marley.  I’m a Pit Bull mixed with something else - we don’t really know What.  What we do know is that I’m not the tough, macho kind of Pitty.  I’m the soft, laid back, affectionate, people oriented kind.  I’m good with kids, in fact, I live with 5 of them now.   I like other dogs too but ........don’t laugh.......I’m  kind of afraid of big ones!  I like the small ones much better.  After all, how big a chunk is a little Shih Tzu going take outta me??  

During the day I hang around with Mom and the kids.  We do all sorts of fun things like running, chasing, tumbling and basically just driving her crazy!  It’s fun and its exhausting!  At night I’m just pooped and ready for my bed in mom and dads room.  It’s my place to relax and unwind.  

The reason I am looking for a new home now is that my Mom and Dad feel badly that I am kind of neglected.  There are just too many kids for them to have any time left for me.  They think I need a home where I will be really special to someone.  I liked it when I was really special to them.   I’m getting older and won’t be able to keep up with the kids for long so I think maybe Mom and Dad are right.  I’d like a quieter home where I get lots of time and attention.  I could use some practise walking on a leash without pulling and coming when I’m called.  Now, I don’t get out much so when I do, I have to make the most of it!

I think I’ll get along with my new humans because I really love most of them.  I’m not scared around strangers but I am a bit of a scaredy cat about loud noises and of course big dogs!   When I hear loud noises or see big dogs around, I just wanna run home and hide on my bed!  I’m a bit scared about being alone too.  I’ve always been home with my Mom and the kids so I never got used to being by myself.  My new people will have to be home a lot too or it just won’t work for me.  I guess I’m not really a very brave guy!  

If you need someone to keep you company and to make you feel special,  I can do that.  I need that too so maybe we can do it for each other!  Please think about making me your new best friend.

Adoption Fee - $350