* Boxer X

* 7 - 8 yrs old

* Spayed and vaccinated

* Healthy (some arthritis)

* approx 95 lbs

* Excellent with people including kids

* Excellent with dogs and and cats


Hi, this is Josie - one of the sweetest dogs you could meet.  There are so many reasons to fall in love with her:  her beautiful, soulful eyes, soft gentle nature and her happy, easy going, friendly mention a few.    She loves meeting everyone and shows her excitement by her endless wiggles and jiggles!  And, of course, kisses when ever she can!


Josie lived with her family until just recently. She shared her home with her mom and dad and kids and a cat.  Unfortunately, her family had to move from their home and were unable to find accommodation where dogs were welcome.  It was a big change for Josie but with the help of her wonderful foster family she is very happy and doing well. And, she’s on a different diet now that will help her lose some of the unwanted pounds that are slowing her down!  Her new diet slogan is, “Eat the best, and leave the rest.”  


Now, that Josie is eating well, losing weight and getting some help for her joints, It‘s great to see her doing what she loves - running and playing with other dogs  - and cats - if they’ll cooperate (or even if they won’t)!!  She likes to go for walks too but currently she can only do a few short ones each day.  It will take a bit of time for her to get back to her youthful shape so she can enjoy longer adventures. 


Josie is about as perfect as possible!   She is very easy going and affectionate and her sweet face and dreamy eyes are completely irresistible!  She listens well to her people, doesn’t bark except to say “hello” and she can be left at home alone without any problems.  She doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body and is everyone’s friend - whether they have 2 legs or 4!  


If your home is feeling lonely, Josie will brighten up the days and bring happiness to your home again.  She will enjoy short walks with you, rides in the car and watching NetFlix at night snuggled beside you.  


If you open your heart and your home to Josie  she will return the favour with her unconditional love and affection.  You will have a friend for life.


Adoption Fee - $400