8 yrs old
Vaccinated  - July 2020
59 lbs
Good Health
Good with people including kids
Good with most dogs 

Not suitable for cats

Jasper is a Karelian Bear Dog.  They are fairly rare in North America but considered to be “National Treasures” in his Native Finland.  He is a beautiful, medium sized dog who is loyal and independent.  Karelian Bear Dogs were bred to guard and to hunt so Jasper is naturally protective of his yard and his home and will warn of potential threats to the safety of his family!  He will also make sure his people aren’t bothered by small  unwanted visitors to the yard!

Jasper likes attention and affection from his folks  - but on his own terms!  He’s not a face licker and sometimes he will pull away from long extended hugs. He is happy doing his own thing and doesn’t need to be glued to his humans all day.  He’s a little bit aloof at times but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t develop strong bonds.  He is very lovable and devoted to his humans so would not want to be home alone all day, everyday. 


Unfortunately, Jaspers family members must part with him due to a significant change  in their lifestyle including a move back east to a large city.  They realize  he would not do well in a busy urban setting and could not live the life he was born to live.  They are hoping to find Jasper a home in a rural environment where he can swim and run and have the freedom to  enjoy outdoor adventures. He would do well with a large fenced yard where he can run freely and do his job of keeping his family safe!  This has been a heart wrenching decision for his people but one made out of love for Jasper and with His  well-being in mind.


 Smart, independent and energetic are words that describe Jasper.  He needs a dedicated experienced owner who will rely on positive reinforcement techniques. He will need time to relax and he will need space to get used to his new people.  As with most dogs like Jasper, boredom is the enemy, so he needs to be physically and mentally stimulated as part of his regular daily routine.  A tired dog is a happy dog!  He is good with people including  kids  but older ones would be best for him.  He is not a Golden Retriever so he will not be friends to every dog he sees.  He is fine with small dogs (just ignores them) but he will react to larger dogs if they react to him.  He is bred to hunt bears so other dogs are nothing to him.  He is a dog that will not back down so it is the job of his humans to be aware of the environment and alert to his body language.  He should be the “only” dog in the family.  


Jasper is a spirited and confident dog who loves his family and enjoys the job of keeping them safe from harm.  If you are confident and up to the challenge of this intelligent and independent dog, Jasper could be for you!  He will guarantee that life with him will never be boring!