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Lily & Reno

Lily & Reno

Reno and Lily are a bonded pair who need to find a new home together. They are their own little pack , shadowing each other and staying very close.  They are sweet pups who don't ask for much - just that someone care for them and give them lots of love and attention.

Reno and Lily were rescued by a kind woman from a very bad situation.  Unfortunately, with her many other commitments, she was not able to continue caring for them and their little pup, Lucy. Thankfully, she called Home at Last and they are all now in loving foster homes. Lucy has been adopted, but Reno & Lily are still waiting for their new forever home. 

The foster mom is captivated by these two little charmers. Reno and Lily are smart little pups who are quick to learn new things despite their lack of training and socialization. In just a couple of days they were nearly 100% housetrained, although neither of them love the pouring rain!

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Jasper's Journey

Life hasn't been easy for Jasper.  He was born 5 years ago in the Ashcroft area.  He and his little buddy lived together in a cage outside for quite a long time.  They were neglected and ignored.  A kind neighbour watched the two of them suffer and desperately wanted to help.  She offered to take the two friends but the owner refused to let them go so she got involved by feeding them.  Later, when she asked again,  the owner agreed to give them to her.  She thought she would have them with her forever until she was diagnosed with a serious illness and she found herself unable to care for them.  She contacted a HALDR volunteer and made the very hard decision to re-home them - again.


  HALDR immediately put them into a very good foster home.  The foster mom worked with them and helped them learn to trust people again.  She discovered that they didn't really need to be together, in fact, they seemed to like the times when they were apart.  So, the little guy was adopted and Jasper stayed with the foster mom.  Jasper was  challenging  - true to his breed he was an excellent escape artist!  But, the foster mom always got him back from one of his walk- abouts and she and her own dogs were always happy to see him again!  During the time he was in foster care, he was posted on the HALDR website.   Eventually a family applied for him  who  seemed like the perfect fit.  They were experienced dog owners, had another dog,  had a nice home and a well fenced backyard. After the regular screening process was completed their application was accepted and everyone rejoiced thinking Jasper had finally found his forever home!   -  Until one  week ago, when a very kind and very resourceful young couple contacted Home at Last Dog Rescue to tell the story.

It seems that Jasper had been given away by the adopters (even tho the HALDR adoption agreement clearly states that they will always take their dogs back) and then he was given away again!!  Thankfully, he finally got a break and he found this wonderful young couple who wanted to make him part of their family.  Because they were not given any information about him they searched the web until they found a past posting of Jasper that linked them to HALDR.  They emailed and asked if HALDR knew anything about  a Beagle named Jasper.  After several emails back and forth a HALDR volunteer met Jasper and the young couple and could see the connection between them. In 3 short months, a very strong bond had been formed. The couple adopted Jasper and plan on having him with them forever! 

 The outcome of Jasper's story could have been very different. Jasper was lucky in some ways.  He could easily have ended up in the wrong hands again and may have had a very bleak future.  We are thankful to his new family for their compassion and their kindness.  We are also grateful to them for seeking the help of HALDR and allowing HAL to be part of his new life.  


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