Poodle/Terrier Mix

Approx 10 yrs old


15 lbs


Good with dogs

Not good with young kids

Hello, Bonjour, I am Gaston and I am a cute, bossy and dignified 10/11 year old poodle terrier mix in good health. I am HYPOALLERGENIC and usually the cutest guy on the block- anywhere I go. In a very undignified way, I was rescued from being tied to a post in California on the side of the road, a number of years ago, by a very kind couple. Since then I have been living with another lovely family in Vancouver. It was just great until they went and had a baby … their four year old leaves me alone but this 10 month old, ugh, don’t get me started! I find human children very annoying and I will let them know how I feel about their long, pulling little human paws by nipping back at them! For some reason this is frowned upon! For the life of me I can’t imagine why.


I am most likely from a puppy mill and even more likely, I was used for breeding. This gives me a cool confidence that I demonstrate with humans and with dogs at the dog parks, I enjoy most humans but if I find them annoying I will bark at them until something changes. Some might say I’m a bit high maintenance in that way but I just feel that I have high standards.

I like to wrestle and play like normal dogs (one must be willing to get a little mussed up sometimes)! I can be left at home for a few hours no problem. Admittedly, although beneath my dignity, I may seek to rid my human female of her undergarment collection if left to my own devices! I’m only a dog and I get bored sometimes! But, I don’t have accidents in the house. That actually would be indecent. I would love to get out for more than an hour a day and I actually love hiking and the outdoors. I’m not a great camper tent-wise but, my owner believes I would be just fine in a camper or RV! I’m not really much of a water dog, but that’s poodles for you.

I pull a little on the leash, but I’m only about 15 lbs, so certainly won’t take your arm off. And, if we get into a nice walking routine I might just be that old dog who learns a new trick! I sleep on a pile of clothes or a dog bed or anywhere really. - I’m a, “say no” to cats kind of guy.

If you are a 50+ couple or single person who would like a companion to love you and snuggle you and protect you to the best of my small abilities, look no further - It’s me.


Adoption Fee - $350