Australian Cattle Dog



3yrs old

Well, Hello All My Nice Darling Hoomans, I’m Frankie, an equally soft, floofy and complicated, loving Australian Cattle Dog/Mexico-special mix. I’m cartoonishly gorgeous, snugly, three years old and spayed.

I spent the first six months of my tough life fending for myself on the streets of Mexico then in a shelter and then I bounced to two Canadian foster homes, until I found my current family who has taken wonderful care of me for the last two years. Being deaf in one ear (they think from birth) set me up for a lot of anxiety and my family has worked incredibly hard to get me where I am today. I’ve come a long way from the scared dog I used to be, thanks to training and a small cocktail of pharmaceuticals. I might need to be on them for a long time, but we’ll have to decide that together as we move forward at the advice of a vet and the info provided from my current family.

The very difficult decision to rehome me comes from my young parents who are living in a condo where I have an arch nemesis neighbor dog who is ruining my life! We share a garden patio fence and I hate him ‘cause he’s always there.’ Being an anxious dog him being right next to my safe and happy home makes me so stressed out that it’s all I can think about! My parents have done everything they possibly can but want to find me a better situation where I have a peaceful yard of my own, somewhere far from cars and those “weekend warrior” dogs at the dog park. The good news is that I do have friends and play is generally positive. Occasionally, if I feel like I’m being ganged up on I will flick the switch into defence mode (as I had to do when I was a street dog). My owners know me really well and my body language tells them when it’s enough playtime.

I am great great great with people, (good hoomans saved my floofy self!) and I love to relax at home with my people and maybe even sleep in the bed (pretty please?). The good news is that I don’t have separation anxiety and can stay home alone for a good chunk of time if need be, so if you work out of the home that would be okay. But sorry, no cats! I can be left roaming free with no problems.


I need a couple walks a day and love to get out but I’m not necessarily a high-energy dog at the moment. That said, my personality is just a bit subdued right now because of the medication I’m on. I love walks around my neighborhood (as long as that terrible neighbor dog isn’t around!) and I’m great on a leash if I don’t go over threshold (that means get too exited and not able to think).

I have, understandably, exhibited some food aggression with other dogs. I eat basic kibble and am totally potty trained, no accidents. I used to dislike the car (barking at the cars coming towards us – cause it’s scary!) but now I get buckled in and that seems to work for me fine.

I need an experienced, loving, gentle, patient handler in a quiet setting, someone who wants to share a calm life together preferably spending time in nature. A couple perhaps, with a fenced yard would be amazing. Are you someone with a huge heart that wants a chance at a new best friend (who happens to have the softest fur in the world)? In your application please indicate your experience with special needs dogs like me.