* Pure Bred Pug

* 9 yrs old

* Healthy - (takes an allergy pill once a day)

* 25 lbs

* Vaccinated

* Neutered

* Good with dogs

* Good with people including kIds

Pugs - the clowns of the Canine world! That’s Dunkin! He’s got a great sense of humour, is totally charming with a smile that just won’t quit. He’s happy and he makes everyone who meets him happy too.

Dunkin loves, loves, loves attention! If you pet him he’s your friend for life. He is a social little guy who thrives on affection, attention and approval. He is a people pleaser who just wants to hang out with his humans. He is gentle and sweet with kids - lets them climb all over him and never complains. He doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. His food can be taken away while he’s eating and he never says a word! And, he won’t even start to eat before he is given the OK to “go get it.”

Dunkin’s family knows how much he loves being with them and how much he needs their attention. Unfortunately, their lives have become so complicated and busy that Dunkin isn’t getting very much of what he needs now. They don’t want him to lose his joy for living so they have made the difficult decision to help him find a family who have lots of time for him and who will smother him with love! He is used to staying alone while his people are at work but now that he’s a little older he’d prefer not to be on his own so much.

Dunkin isn’t what you would call an athlete! He is happier sitting in a lap than running a marathon! But, he does like short walks at the park and he loves it when he gets the chance to play and run with other dogs. If he can’t get out he entertains himself in the yard by roaming around and checking things out. He is sensitive to heat and humidity because of his pushed-in face (brachycephalic breed) so he can’t spend too much time outside without a lot of shade and water.

“Easy Keeper” is the way to describe Dunkin. He is easy to be around and easy to love. He makes you smile and laugh and can’t help but brighten your day. He is affectionate but not pushy and loves to please his people. Dunkin is so friendly and happy to greet new friends with snorts and snuffles, grunts and groans! And, who could resist that wrinkled brow and those big innocent, expressive eyes.

If you are looking for a new friend you couldn’t find a better one.

Adoption Fee - $400