* Maltese/Havanese

* 3 yrs old

* 12 lbs

* Spayed

* Healthy - (recently had dental cleaning)

* Low shedding and hypo-allergenic (for most people)

* Vaccinated

* Housetrained (needs people to be alert to her signals)

* Good with people Including kids (Not recommended for very young children)

* Good with dogs and cats

Havanese/Maltese pups, like Dixie, are known for their sweet and gentle natures. They have tender, affectionate personalities and love human companionship. They don’t want their people to get too far away so they often follow them from room to room! Dixie won’t do well in a home where the people are away at work all day. She is a great little dog best suited to a home full of love with people who can give her all the time and attention she craves.

Dixie is looking for a new home because her elderly owner has developed some very serious health issues and can no longer care for her. A very kind neighbour stepped in to help while we find a family for Dixie who will enjoy her playful spirit and friendly personality. Due to the age of her human, Dixie hasn’t had much training on leash yet. She is very enthusiastic and loves to meet everyone so she will need some reminders to “stay close.” She’s only 12 lbs so her pulling isn’t like being dragged around by a Bull Mastiff! She’ll need daily exercise but no high-density work-outs for her.

Dixie is clever with a playful nature so will welcome the chance to learn new things. She will love inter-active playtime like fetching a ball or playing Frisbee where she gets to be the center of attention! She will be quick to learn basic commands like sit, stay, come and wait. Just spending time with her people will make her a happy girl. And, treats and praise will make her your friend forever.

It would be wonderful for Dixie to find a home where she is loved and pampered and where her world becomes a lot bigger. She’s been a very loyal companion for her elderly owner and is ready now to have some fun, doggy experiences too.

Dixie will be loving and loyal and happy to curl up in your lap after a busy day. She will put a smile on your face and joy in your heart. She deserves a second chance at a happy, fulfilling life so if you are looking for a devoted companion to share your life adventures - look no further! Dixie is your gal.

Adoption Fee - $500