This is Bowser, a very handsome and dignified looking 3 yr old purebred Doberman. Bowser is a very loved and loyal member of his family. True to his breed, he is intelligent and energetic. He is a natural protector of his people and wouldn’t hesitate to act if he thought they were in danger. He learns quickly and needs to be constantly challenged with new and interesting training. Bowser is happiest and most relaxed when he is in a quiet rural environment where he doesn’t feel the need to be on constant high alert!



HI, people call me Jin because I’m a Jindo X. Sometimes they call me “Monkey” too because my head darts around as I listen to sounds coming from different directions! Jindo dogs originally came from Korea (we were classed as a National Treasure) and later moved to the USA. We are known for being Intelligent, faithful and brave. I’m smart and I’m loyal, but I’m not very courageous. I guess 2 out of three isn’t too bad! Truth is, I am very fearful of the outdoors and I’m nervous of strangers. I think you’ll understand why, when I tell you about my former life.


Feature 3

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