1 yr old
Good with people and good with dogs

Please meet Chico,  a 1 yr old Golden Retriever,  the perfect family dog!   Golden Retrievers have huge hearts and are Best Friends with everyone they meet!  Despite their size they would love to sit on your lap and smother you with kisses!  Golden Retrievers have a way of making everyone they meet feel special!

Chico is still a little shy at first but he’s a Golden so he warms up quickly.  He often barks to say his “hello’s” and wiggles and wags at the same time!   He’s friendly with adults and great with kids - eager to make all the humans happy!  He’ll put a smile on your face with his goofy, playful personality.  And, the good news is that many Goldens keep that puppy behaviour into old age.  

Chico’s health is excellent and his activity level is high.  He loves to eat so it’s a good thing he also loves to walk and chase balls in the yard.  His favourite activities are running free in fields and in the dog parks.   He loves it until he meets aggressive dogs who scare him.  If that happens, he runs back to his humans for protection and reassurance. He’s still just a pup!

He’s good on the leash but not so good off leash yet.  He could really benefit from more training and he’d probably be a star in his class!  Golden's are intelligent and enjoy having a job to do!  He could be trained to pick up clothes left on the floor or to wake up the kids for school - something to exercise his brain and keep him out of trouble!  It’s a good idea to exercise his body and his brain - tired Goldens are happy Goldens!

Chico is a devoted, loving  pup with a happy tail wagging nature.  His family love him but they know they aren’t able to meet his needs.  They are just too busy with their hectic lives,  so as hard as it is for them, they know its better for him to find a knew home. 

If you are a Golden Retriever fan, can provide him with the love, companionship (he can’t be left alone while people are at work all day) and activity he needs, Chico would be a great choice for your new family member!  He will put a smile on everyone’s face!

Adoption Fee: $700