* German Shepherds
* Males
* 20 months
* 100 lbs each
* Neutered
* Friendly with people and other dogs
* Untested with cats (probably would love to chase)

Meet Chance and Shadow, German Shepherds - generally considered to be one of the dogworlds finest breeds.  Words like loyal, confident, courageous and intelligent are often used to describe the GSD’s characteristics.  Loving and easy going with their family also describes these two 20 month old litter mates who are a seriously bonded pair.

Due to a medical situation,  Chance and Shadow’s family must part with them.  They adopted the puppies when the pups were only a few weeks old from folks who were unable to keep them.  Never did the owners think they would have to let the pups go but with no one available to care for them now they see no alternative.  The pups have to find a home where they can stay together. They have never spent a day apart and suffer separation anxiety when they are separated. 

Chance and Shadow have high energy and need a lot of activity and exercise.  Lately, they’ve been spending most of their time in the yard, with the senior Melinois dog, and are  not getting the exercise they need. Consequently, they are so excited when someone asks them if they want to go for a walk that they’ll pull on the leash in their exuberance!  But,  with more consistent exercise and training they will be a pleasure to take outside on walks and hikes.  GSD’s are highly intelligent and trainable (C & S know a few commands)  so it won’t take long for them to learn.  The great thing is,  they don’t have any aggression on the leash.  They might bark a bit when they see another dog but that’s as far as it goes.  

True to their breed, these two are a little aloof and a little unsure when they first meet new people but it doesn’t take long for them to warm up.  In fact, generally they like everyone including kids.  With their own family, they are faithful and very affectionate. 

These pups sleep inside the house in their crates.  Currently, they are in them many hours in the evening and during the night.  They tolerate their confinement but will be very happy when they have more freedom.  

Chance and Shadow are two great young dogs who at this time in their lives are like “diamonds in the rough.”  They are very smart and have huge potential to learn.  They are looking for someone to offer them a loving home where they will be valued members of the family.

They need experienced owners who can provide leadership, physical and mental exercise and love.  Chance and Shadow will be loyal and loving companions.
Adoption Fee: $1000 for both