Lab/Bully mic

6 yrs




Good with most dogs, all cats and kids

Bozley is the sweetest, most affectionate clown you could meet! He loves to bounce around and play and will entertain you with his antics! He is a total people pup and loves being cuddled and touched - all the time! If given the chance he’ll smother you with kisses and plunk himself right in your lap to stare lovingly into your eyes! He is very gentle and loving and wears his big heart on his sleeve.

He moved in with his family about 3 years ago. It started out being a temporary foster placement but this guy completely stole their hearts so they have made it work with him until now. With everyone in the family working full time they know they can’t provide him with the companionship and activity he needs. They are looking for a family who will shower him with love and attention and time.

Boz is energetic, loves his walks and exploring the outdoors. He has a regular dog walker and they often walk with a pack of other dogs. He does very well with small dogs and usually does well with big ones too except for males who have not been neutered. He is on high alert in the community and doesn’t like being startled by other dogs but can be convinced to just walk away. He knows his basics like settle, stay, pause and walk. He has some anxieties so off leash walks and dog parks aren’t the best for Boz. He feels more secure walking close to his people. Playing in the yard is a favourite activity of his where he has a great time scaring off squirrels and tormenting raccoons! He loves cats though, so he won’t harass them.

He needs a calm, quiet home where his people are with him most of the time and where he gets lots of love and praise. He’s a little nervous in the car so has to be reassured that all is well! A fun activity at the end of the ride might help! Loud aggressive voices make him anxious too so he’s best with relaxed confident humans.

Friendly, loving and loyal equals Boz! He is full of energy and the joy of living! He is a fabulous dog who loves being around people - kids too.

If you are looking for a devoted companion in life, to share your sofa, your bed and your ups and downs, you don’t have to look any further. Boz will give you everything you need and more!

Adoption Fee: $450