2 yrs old

70 lbs

Good with people (no small children)

Good with dogs

Not suitable for cats


His striking appearance and mesmerizing blue eyes will capture your heart in a moment.  HIs friendly nature with just a slight touch of cool reserve will keep you loving him forever.  Huskies are an amazing breed and Blue is a perfect example of theIr beauty, independence, intelligence and sociability. 

Blue gets along with everyone and will welcome them all  into his home!  Strangers are just people he hasn’t met yet.  He is affectionate but doesn’t need to pester anyone for Constant attention.  He is not a guard dog to protect his family or his property.  To him, everyone is  welcome  - maybe even an intruder!  It’s been said that socializing to him is better than bacon (well, maybe)!  

Blue is cuddly but he’s not a stuffed toy!   He doesn’t like being smothered with affection and he won’t lay around on the couch all day!   He’s athletic and loves the out-doors. He loves all kinds of exercise like running, biking and hiking but his favourite activity is walking off-leash on trails.  He needs two good walks everyday.   He is great on-leash too and doesn’t pull - only when he wants to greet someone he knows!  He loves going to dog parks and enjoys his days playing with dogs at the doggy care he attends a couple of times each week.  He’s mastered all his basic commands like sit, down, stay etc but he gets a little distracted if he has socializing to do!  -  He doesn’t like people grabbing on his collar and he doesn’t like anyone being too close to his food!

In March, Blue was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy (when the cause is not known) which is fairly common in Huskies.  He was put on medication (2 tablets each day) and has not had another seizure.  He was just recently seen by his vet and his results were all good.  Other than the seizure disorder, he is completely healthy with no other issues. 

Huskies are strong-willed and free-spirited so a confident owner will be best for Blue. He’ll need a completely fenced yard so he can explore and entertain himself a little when he’s outside (he likes to be cool). He isn’t used to being left alone very much and probably wouldn’t do well, so his people need to be home a lot.  He thrives on lots of attention and affection and deserves to be part of the family. 

If you love Huskies, are energetic, enjoy the outdoors and are totally committed to your dogs, Blue might be the one for you. He is loving and entertaining and as perfect as he can be.

Adoption Fee: $600