Ben is a beautiful, highly intelligent 3 yr old pure bred Border Collie. In the right environment, and with humans he trusts, he is friendly and affectionate. However, he is highly anxious and deeply sensitive with serious trust issues. It appears that he has been very traumatized in some way. He has been so distressed that he has mutilated his own tail! We know he was isolated from the humans - kept on a small balcony with very little contact and no access to the house.

With the help of a wonderful trainer, It is amazing to see him learning to trust again. He is wagging his tail, happy to see the kind people in his life and he is accepting and inviting limited amounts of affection from some people. The trainer is also helping the volunteers at HALDR create a caring environment for him with stimulating experiences where he can use his body and his brain. He is starting to thrive.

We are all in awe of his resilience and his desire to trust the new humans in his life.

We are seeking a therapeutic home for Ben. He needs a very experienced human to help him on his journey to wellness. If you have the time and the experience and aren't afraid of the occasional display of aggression (snarling, growling) and are willing to help Ben, please let us know.

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