Breed: Border Collie

Age: 3

Weight: 45 lbs

Health: Good

Knows basic commands

Needs some leash training

Experiences some separation anxiety

Ben requires a home with people who have experience with Border Collies and people who will be willing to work with Bianca during the early stages of Ben’s transition to his new home.

Update on Ben’s Journey


When we first met Ben we were heartsick to see his agony and his suffering.  His spirit was broken and he had completely given up on humans.  Humans had not been kind to him and had allowed him to live a life of misery - alone and rejected and tormented. Now, five months later Ben is beginning to live again!  He smiles and is happy!   He eagerly  jumps into his crate for car rides, goes for walks in the forest, plays off leash with other dogs and enjoys puzzles and games that stimulate his curiosity and his interest in living.  He is receptive to new people now and will allow those he trusts to touch him and to pet him.  He is sad  if a day goes by when his humans don’t come to see him. He even allows some of them to put on his harness so he can leave the confines of his kennel - something that only, Bianca, his saviour, could do before.


Ben has a huge heart and is beginning to trust again.  He and Bianca have done all they can do now in his current living situation.  It is time for him to leave the kennel and find his new home with a family of his own.  There will be ups and downs for Ben but with Bianca’s guidance, he’ll adjust. His spirit was broken but he is healing now and he wants people in his life again.  He is forgiving and willing to let others into his heart.


Ben is special and he needs special people too.  He needs very savvy humans who have experience with intelligent, sensitive dogs preferably border collies or other herding types.  He needs folks who have time and patience and love and who are willing to work with Bianca or a trainer like her so he can continue on his road to wellness.


If you are that person, who welcomes the challenge of working with Ben and who wants to be part of his healing story, please let us know.  We would be very happy to speak with you.


At HALDR our hearts are full of gratitude for Ben’s “team” of caregivers, who love him and have faith in his recovery: Bianca  (Bianca’s Dog Care);  Carmen (WestCoast Border Collie Group) and Gary  (HALDR).  Without them, Ben would not be where he is today - ready to take the next step to a happy, fulfilling life. 

Ben and Bianca: A Story of Healing


We met Ben, the beautiful Border Collie, a few months ago when his family surrendered him to us.  The woman said she loved him but that he didn’t get along with the males in the home. They complained that he barked.  They wouldn’t have him in the house. She explained that he’d been forced to live on their small balcony.  Day after day, month after month with no access to the humans or to the house.  No exercise and no stimulation.  Terrible, for any dog and for an intelligent, sensitive, dog like Ben, it was torture.  He barked excessively and he mutilated his own tail -  out of distress and desperation.  He was alone, day and night, while his family and the other dog lived just beyond the glass doors.  Thankfully, the woman made the decision to save him.  


He was extremely anxious In the beginning days.   No one could approach him, or make eye contact with him or even talk to him without him spinning and chasing and chewing his tail. He was hyper aware of his surroundings and would react with sudden aggression to whoever was near him.  He was clearly traumatized and had no trust of humans.  After reading a FB posting about Ben, very kind and dedicated members of the West Coast Border Collie group contacted us and put us in touch with a woman who changed Ben’s life.  Bianca Steinmetz is a certified trainer who heard about Ben‘s  suffering and immediately offered to help him (at no charge to our rescue group).


Bianca is unlike any trainer we have worked with in the past.  There are no commands or demands; no force, or fear or dominance - just a calm and gentle approach to establishing a relationship of trust, cooperation and respect.  She is highly sensitive to Ben’s body language and understands his changing emotions. She reinforces desired behaviours with treats and praise and encouragement. With her beside him, he is learning to trust and to live again.  For the first time in his life, he is learning to be a dog. 


Ben is now going to parks, he is playing with other dogs, and he is meeting new people.  Some things still upset him but with patience Bianca is helping him develop the confidence and skills to cope with stressful situations. Her belief in building relationships and changing unwanted behaviours thru respect, patience and cooperation works.  Ben is healing.  His life has changed.  


We are sincerely grateful to Bianca for her dedication to improving the lives of dogs.  She is a true Dog Whisperer.  


Thank you, Bianca and congratulations Ben!

Adoption Fee: $500