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Zeus **** ADOPTED ****

Zeus **** ADOPTED ****

Meet Zeus. He is not just a dog, he is the perfect life partner. He enchants everyone he meets, eagerly joins in the activities you most love and devotes himself to his families well being.

Shepherd cross with Great Pyrenees, possessing the best qualities of both breeds.

Age 4-5, excellent health very intelligent, well trained, great recall

Very good with cats

Zeus is a Nanny dog Adores people of all ages. Gentle with newborns, toddlers etc and can be relied upon watch tenderly over his human flock.

Low prey drive but strong  protective instinct. Zeus supervises the family and will prevent toddlers from wandering into water and will rescue family if they flail in water

Loves the outdoors but is not demanding when it comes to exercise. Zeus is a fabulous companion for those who love hiking, camping, adventuring, water sports, fishing and hunting…. But also loves to cuddle beside you on the couch.

Excellent in the car

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