* Jack Russell Terrier X

* 9 yrs old

* Female/Spayed

* 25 lbs

* Happy and Healthy

* Excellent with humans incl kids

* Anxious with other dogs on leash

* Good with cats

This is Sophie.  She is a unique combination of Jack Russell Terrier mixed with a smattering of something of a sturdier nature:  might be  Bulldog, English Bulldog or Staffy.  Whatever it is, she’s a winner!  She’s got the JR upfront and the  who knows what bringing up the rear!. What makes her even cuter is that she hops when she runs due to a birth defect in her hips. But, it doesn’t slow her down or cause her a moments trouble. Just adds to her charm.

You couldn’t meet a nicer girl.  She’s easy going and trained to look after kids.  Even a 1 yr old and a 3 yr old aren’t too much for her to manage.  Her ideal day is a day spent with her people, playing with the kids and having someone scratch behind her ears!  A good reward for babysitting and for making sure no squirrels trespass onto their property.

Sophie is a very good walker.  She also enjoys the occasional hike or short run or game of fetch.  She’s not a huge fan of other dogs and gets a bit growly when she is on the leash but if her people keep walking, she keeps walking too.  She’s only 25 lbs so its not like moving a Rottweiler.  Sophie insists on a proper introduction to other dogs and then she’ll consider playing.  If she meets them again she is much friendlier than the first time.   It’s not that she doesn’t have any dog friends but truth is - she’s really a cat person.  The cat next door is her best friend and comes over for regular play dates.

At home she is totally calm and chill.  She doesn’t bark or whine or chew or even beg for food.

Snuggling, cuddling and sunbathing, playing tug of war are her favourite things to do.  She’s a nature lover too and enjoys being outside exploring her yard.  When she’s tired she’ll find a sunny spot to lay down.  If the weather’s bad she is very content to stay inside and snooze or hang out with the humans.  One of her favourite places to sit is in the chair with her human as she works.  And, in the car if she sits in the front, she lays her head on her humans arm and stares up at her lovingly.  She really loves being with people but if necessary she’s totally agreeable to staying home alone - curled up on her humans bed.

Due to travel commitments with her business, Sophie’s human is looking for someone else to love and care for Sophie.  She will be away much of next year and Sophie will be left with caregivers.  It isn’t the life she wants for Sophie.  She and Sophie have had many good years together so she has made the difficult decision to help her find a home where she will have the life she deserves.

This little dog is a pure gem.  She’s not 100% flawless but very close to it.

If you are looking for some fun and a lot of love -  look no further. Sophie’s is waiting for you.

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