Sheema *** Very Sweet and Friendly *** Full Bio now available

Sheema *** Very Sweet and Friendly ***  Full Bio now available


Intelligent and alert and very sensitive - that’s Sheema. Oh, and beautiful - she’s that too. Sheema, like most Mals is intense and interested in everything going on around her. When you meet her at home, she is sweet and friendly and affectionate but outside on a walk, she is “on duty” taking in everything going on around her. Nothing gets past this girl - she sees it all!

On the beach Sheema is a real party girl. She is interested in all the dogs and just wants to play and have fun. Her human has to remind her to stay with him or she’d be left behind hangin’ out with all her friends. And, although she’s super dog friendly, if a dog challenges her she’ll respond but only with as much force as required to let them know she won’t be pushed around.

She’s a great hiking partner or a sitting at home partner. She just wants to be with her people. When they go out, she’ll wait patiently for them to come back to her. And, they never have to worry about anyone breaking into the house because Sheema is a natural protector and won’t allow anyone to enter if her humans aren’t home to give the ok. She is an exceptional dog who is very well trained, loyal and deeply devoted - always very happy and capable of keeping a watchful eye on her family and her home.

Sheema started her life with very abusive people who teased and taunted and physically abused her. Her rescuer watched the abuse for some time until he couldn’t watch any longer without taking action. He challenged the abusers and walked away with Sheema taking her to a better life. Sheema and her human never looked back.

Very sadly, her human is re-locating to two different countries in the fall. He has considered the option of taking Sheema but, although, one of the countries is dog friendly, the other is not. He is too concerned about her well-being to take a chance on how she would be received so he has made the very difficult decision to find her a new home and to go on without her.

It may take some time for Sheema to bond with new humans but when she does, she will be the same loving and loyal dog to them as she is to her current human. Sheema is special and she deserves to have another chance at a happy life.

If you are looking for companionship, loyalty and love and if you enjoy walking and playing fetch with a canine friend, Sheema might be the right dog for you. It is very hard to find many like her.