Riley is a sweet 11-year-old purebred Pekingese dog who is looking for a quiet home to call his own. He has lived with his owner all his life, but things changed when a baby was born. The house became very loud and Riley was often chased around the house, which made him very nervous and scared. His owner made the difficult decision to give Riley to Home At Last Dog Rescue, and he has been living with his foster mom ever since.

When Riley first arrived at his foster home, he had a skin infection, an ear infection, dandruff, terrible body odour, and his paws bled every time he walked outside. After receiving lots of love, medicine, and attention he is now in tip-top shape. His fur is soft and silky and he gallops around the house like a racehorse when it is meal time.

His foster mom makes him homemade dog food consisting of rice, mixed vegetables, lean ground meat, and Royal Canin wet and dry dog food. Riley is quite fragile and will not go up long staircases. He spends most days sleeping on the ground floor and is let out into the garden three to four times a day to take care of his toilet business.

He is not fond of walking and does not like being taken to new places. It is difficult for Riley to get used to new people and places, and when he is scared his whole body will shiver in fear.

Riley is essentially mute and will only bark when strangers come into the house. He loves being at home best and is best suited to live in a quiet home with only adults who mainly stay at home.

Riley is sweet-tempered, quiet, low maintenance, and doesn’t need to be walked. He’s also cute as a button and looks like a teddy bear come to life. Riley’s foster mom says that he is the best house companion ever! She hopes to find Riley the perfect forever home where he will be treated with care and understanding.