Piper is a real homebody.  She loves hanging out at home and having a yard to call her own.  She is very loyal and she loves being with her family.  She craves attention and companionship from people she knows and trusts.  She is an excellent friend for people who are home a lot and who love being outside and who love playing ball!  And, she’ll never turn down the offer to go for a car ride together!

Piper had a very rough start.  As a puppy, she was not treated well and was kept chained up outside.  She chewed so much on the chain and on the rocks that all of her teeth are worn down.  This poor girl was saved approximately three years ago from that life but is now going to lose the home and the humans she loves.  Due to a personal situation, her family must sell their home and move into an apartment.  They know that Piper could not live happily in an apartment with no access to the outside world.  They have decided to look for a very kind family who are home most of the time and who have a fenced yard for her to explore and enjoy. She’s  had no experience with kids so an “adults only” home is the best for her.  She might be fine with a calm, confident dog but she’s happy too being the only!

Her human describes Piper as a “real sweetheart.”  She says Piper loves walking and has very good basic manners.  In her other life she had some scary experiences with dogs so now she is a bit leery of them at times.  She walks very well on leash but sometimes growls at dogs her size, if they get too close, but she responds very well when she is told to “leave it.”   As a  middle aged pup she has become quite discerning about who she makes her friends!  At doggy day care she made some friends she played with when she was there.  But, she isn’t a dog who will run off and play with anyone who comes along!  She is the same with people - she likes them to let her approach first when she feels comfortable.  She has never bitten a human or another dog.

Naturally, from being left alone outside and then given to strangers she has some abandonment issues.  She really wants to stay close to her humans but she can be left for a few hours at a time.  She is not a dog for working people who are away from home all day.  She would be fine tho with people working from home. She is a dog who bonds fairy quickly so once she is settled she feels fairly relaxed and comfortable.  Being out in her yard makes her feel happy too.  

Piper deserves to find her forever home.  She will be the perfect companion for the right family.   She is smart and knows 12 commands and several tricks!  She eats a simple diet and sleeps well!  She has done nothing to warrant all  the bad luck!!  It’s time now for her luck to change!

Please think about giving her the home she deserves and needs!