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Meet Obelix - Adventure-loving, fetch-playing, 15 month old pup on a mission to conquer new hiking trails and make some new friends along the way.  He is learning to navigate the world with a just a  pawful of anxiety but plenty of tail wags too.  He’s a bit shy around new people and some male dogs but time, training and treats will do the trick!   Presently,  It’s clear  to see he prefers the company of female canines!  What he doesn’t seem to like are cats or maybe he likes them too much!  No matter how hard he tries he can’t stop wanting to chase them.

This 15 month old pup will be a loyal and protective companion. Brave and very clever, he will excel at training and thrive on physical activity, making him a perfect adventure buddy - for the right person.  He is an energetic pup who requires time and attention and is not meant to be left alone for long periods of time.  With his unwavering loyalty and his can-do spirt this pup will captivate your heart and keep you on your toes.

Obelex is housetrained - not even one accident - ever!  He contentedly sleeps in his crate. Currently, he eats and enjoys a diet of dry food.  He has been neutered and vaccinated and is healthy.  He weighs 27 kg (59 lbs).  He is a winner!

If you think Obelex is the dog for you, please head over to our Adoption page  and fill out an application. 

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