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Mindie-Lea & Darcy

Mindie-Lea & Darcy

Mindie-Leah and Darcy are loving and loyal and love their daily routines.  They will let you know when they want go for a walk, when they want to play and when it’s treat time.  They love to be outside on the grass and enjoying the fresh air. They are also quite the avid bird watchers.

Their owner put a bell by the back door which Mindie-Lea rings when she wants to go out. Or, you can just tell her to ring the bell and she will do it.  After being out for a walk, you can say, “Come in the house.” and they will stand on a towel waiting for their paws to be cleaned. They understand commands such as sit, stay come and give me your paw.  If you tell them to, “Go to your crate.” They will happily scamper into them.

Both dogs covered by plans that are transferrable to a new owner.

Darcy tore his cruciate ligament and receives a monthly injection of Libella for arthritis discomfort. It is proving very effective and Darcy it still able to bound up and down stairs. The medication is $24.98 after insurance coverage.

Both Minnie-Lea & Darcy are microchipped.

Mindie-Leah and Darcy are brother and sister and have been together since birth.  It is their owners wish that they be adopted together. They are dearly loved by their owner who has has then since they were puppies, but now she has had to move to a care home and can’t provide for them as she once did.

These two are adorable.  If you think you can Ofer them a wonderful home, please head to our adoption page and fill out an application.

Breed Info:

The Morkie, a crossbreed of Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier, is a small, energetic, and affectionate dog. They have a silky coat, often hypoallergenic, and require regular grooming. Morkies are known for their playful nature, intelligence, and strong attachment to their owners, making them excellent companion pets.

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