* Preesa Canaria / Corgy

* 5 years old

* Neutered

* Vaccinated

* Excellent with people

* Unpredictable with other dogs

Marley the Protector at your Service!!   I am a 5 year old Pressa Canaria/ Corgi mix looking to find a perfect forever home!  I’m a big strong boy and I need a loving home with an experienced, strong human.  I am devoted to my family and it’s  my job to protect them.  I could sleep my days away and just sponge off my people but I have to do my part.  A big fenced yard to look after would be perfect for me.  I take my job seriously and will protect my people and my property from unwanted intruders. There will be no visitors like rats, raccoons, deer, coyotes or even other dogs.   I’ll patrol the property, do regular perimeter checks and make sure everyone is safe.  And when my work is done I’ll come in, flop on the floor, get some scratches behind my ears and watch some TV with my new family.

I am very loyal, lovable and affectionate with the humans I have now.  They mean everything to me. But, they can’t give me the exercise or the attention or the job I need so they think it would be better if I found another home.  I’ll be ok with that as long as I have humans who will do lots of exercise with me and who will give me a job.  I am a smart guy so I’m better off when I’m busy.

When I’m inside I am super chill and just relax on my bed.  I am really affectionate and very cuddly and love it when someone snuggles with me.  I like learning so I need a dog savvy, confident leader who will continue to work with me.  I only respond to positive methods of training.  I have good manners and I don’t jump up when meeting new folks but when I’m excited I do pull strongly on the leash.  Some dogs bother me so I react to them now and then.  And, I don’t like new dogs coming to my house - they are the ones that make me mad.  So, it’s best if other dogs just don’t visit.  When I do meet other dogs, slow and proper introductions are very important.  I never go to dog parks.  They just aren’t for me.

Because I’ve acted aggressively with some dogs I  now wear a  a basket muzzle when we go walking.  It’s ok - I can still get treats!  The trainer thinks I feel a little insecure in this family and so I take it upon myself to protect them.  He thinks a more confident and experienced human would make me feel more relaxed.  My current family is too busy and they just don’t have the experience or skill set to guide me.  It’s too bad because I really love them.

I’m a really good guy and with the right humans, I could be happy and confident.  I can be a perfect dog for the right people.  Don’t forget that I’m cuddly, clever and very handsome.