Louie *** Ladies Man ***

Louie *** Ladies Man ***

Six year old Louie was a bit of a Mexican street thug for the first year of his life. Nothing too serious - just minor misdemeanours and antics of puppyhood! Luckily, before he became a hardened criminal, he was found, rescued and brought to Vancouver where he has become a law abiding citizen. Well, almost! Traces of that one-time thug can still be seen in stressful situations. But generally, he’s a Thug who has changed his ways and is now all about Hugs.

He’s small but sturdy and athletic with a no nonsense personality. He doesn’t tolerate silly dogs or puppy’s with rambunctious energy. And, he doesn’t much care for nervous or unpredictable humans either. Calm, experienced dog people and calm, confident dogs are his favourites. And, he is particularly fond of laid back ladies!

Unfortunately for Louie, his human, who he has lived with all this time, is not in good health and is not able to care for him anymore. He’s been living with a friend for a few months but it is only a temporary solution. So this poor guy, who was homeless once before, is threatened with homelessness again. Some dogs don’t have much luck.

Louie is looking for a home with a relaxed female or with no other dogs. He is playful so if he has a running mate she should be playful too. Finding the right girl would make him so happy! But, he loves people too so being an “Only” would be fine. His new people need to be compatible with him: dog savvy, calm and confident. Living with little people would be very stressful so “Adults Only” please. Over the years, the physical scars and most of the emotional scars have healed but he still needs guidance and training and lots of love. And, of course lots of Hugs!

He does’t mind staying home alone for awhile where he lounges on the couch and waits for the humans to come back. They are his ticket out into the world where he loves to walk and explore. So regular exercise, patient, reward-based positive training and good quality food will help Louie shed all the traces of his difficult past life!

If you can give Louie the life he needs he’ll return the favour with love and loyalty!