Lionel *** Smart and Exciting *** Full Bio Available

Lionel *** Smart and Exciting *** Full Bio Available

Meet Lionel, the Labradoodle! A Labradoodle by any other name ………….is still a Labradoodle - well, maybe not! If you know Doodles, you know they are not all created equal. They are like surprise packages - you never know what you’re going to get! Our friend Lionel is not your everyday Doodle! He’’s like a Super Doodle. Life is never boring with Lionel.

Labradoodles are soft, curly (more or less) allergy-friendly Poodle-Labrador mixes who were originally created to be Guide Dogs. But, not all of them are the calm companions that the Guide Dog Association had in mind! Many of them, like Lionel, meet life head on and are exciting high energy pups. They need training, mental stimulation and a lot of physical exercise. Pups like Lionel are a perfect fit for outdoorsy, high energetic people!

Lionel is a family guy who has experience raising kids but he is looking for older family members this time. He loves everyone but the small humans get him all revved up! His family is rehoming him because the kids make him very excited and he finds it impossible to think clearly. He tries to do what is asked of him but he needs a different environment. When he gets too excited and eager to play he tends to lose control and needs help calming down. He will do well with active, patient, skilled people who know how to channel his energy in a positive way. He is not a dog for apartment or condo living. He needs a large, completely fenced yard to run off some of his steam. He’ll do his best to keep the yard free of unwanted pests!

Lionel is a very loving, affectionate and friendly pup. He’ll probably do well in a home where he is the “only” dog but its possible that a very confident, well-balanced dog could teach him some life skills! Lionel has a habit of humping new dogs he meets so he needs a companion who would quickly put him in his place. He loves people and enjoys being with them and he isn’t used to being alone for too many hours each day. He will benefit from quiet, controlled inter-actions: gentle grooming sessions, quiet walks and big knuckle bones to chew! It’s important for him not to get overstimulated. Its time for him to learn how to “rest.”

He is a pup in progress as most pups are at his age. He has great qualities tho and tons of potential - for the right humans. If you can spot a gem in the rough and are not afraid of working with your pup - Lionel would be a great choice for you!