* Rat Terrier
* 1 yr and 7 months
* 16 lbs
* Active and smart
* Neutered and vaccinated

Meet Kirby, a 1 yr and 7 month old Rat Terrier.  Rat terriers are a rare breed so you may not have met one before.  Don’t worry tho, they don’t look or act like rats!  They got that name because they were originally kept as farm dogs who were very very good at chasing away annoying pests  - brave little warriors and hunters!  Their bodies aren’t very big but don’t be fooled - they loom large in other ways!.  Little dogs - big attitudes - just ask the rats!

Rat Terriers needed tons of energy for that job and Kirby, like most of them, is very lively with a cunning intellect.  Scheming is their specialty - they’ll find a way to get the best spot on the couch or the comfiest part of the bed!  The great part is that if you have time to teach them, there is no end to what they can learn!  Kirby is very keen on education - after he graduates from basic training he is eager to go on to higher learning!   In addition to being intellectual, Kirby is quite the athlete.  He is in excellent shape and runs like the wind.  He loves chasing sticks and playing tug of war!  He’d be a “natural” at agility or fly ball.  

Kirby has a strict policy regarding his playmates.  He only plays with Adults. He finds children quite annoying.  Even tho they have similar traits to himself -   high energy, noisy and fast moving, he simply has no time for them.  They make him edgy and he sees no reason not to tell them so.  If they won’t take his reminders to stop pestering him seriously, he will become growly and even nippy if necessary!  Older kids and adults who have chilled out are much more to his liking!

Unlike how he feels about children, he finds other dogs very appealing.   He loves the dog park where he looks for a special friend and when he has found him or her he won’t let others join the puppy party!  I think you could say he’s the possessive type!  

He still has some puppy traits like pulling on the leash, excited barking,  stealing plastic toys or bottles etc.  He’ll need some help with those things but - hey - no one is perfect!  He needs someone who is willing to spend time with him and to let him prove he’s as smart as he thinks he is!  The humans he lives with now can’t give him the time or the physical and mental challenges he craves.  He tries to play with the small human but we all know how that goes........!

He’s a cuddly guy and loves to snuggle with his people.  His opinion is that their bed is his bed so at night you can find him there as cozy as can be!    And,  when his people go away during the day, he’s back to bed, rolling around on the comfy covers and watchin’ the soaps.  

If you love Terriers and are looking for a curious, cheerful and spirited companion, Kirby could be for you!  He’ll need experienced, active humans and a fenced yard so he can play fetch, and tug of war to burn up some of that terrific terrier energy.  And he’s a great communicator - he’ll do a lot of “talking” to you, but he’s a great listener too!

Adoption Fee - $500

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